(Minghui.org) A “fellow practitioner” named Li Wande visited our Fa-study group a few years ago. Everyone called him “CEO.”

It was said that he had done very well in his cultivation, and he was the CEO of a company in Beijing. He was described as being very influential.

Every time he came to visit, many fellow practitioners in our town would go to the group study because he would be there. They hoped the CEO would be able to answer their questions and clear their confusion.

Even though he always said “following the Fa as teacher” at the beginning of his answers, most fellow practitioners felt that studying the Fa with him was the only way to ensure their understanding of the Fa.

Their high respect of him was spread around. Some practitioners even invited him to different places to help other fellow practitioners. This touring help group quickly grew to more than 20 people.

It was a practitioner named Cai who initially invited the CEO to our town. Cai's celestial eye was open, and could tell who had done well in cultivation.

Everyone used to trust her. Eventually Cai and the CEO had some disagreements, and Cai started telling us that the CEO had some problems in his cultivation.

However, the CEO's reputation had surpassed Cai's, and fellow practitioners still thought that studying the Fa with the CEO would help them make improvements.

As the CEO claimed, and fellow practitioners felt, “The CEO's mission was to help them with their Fa study.”

My fellow practitioners have asked me several times if I would take off from work to have a discussion with the CEO when he visited, but I refused to do so every time.

I accidentally met him one time, and I didn't treat him as anyone special.

I think that as fellow practitioners, we should point out each others' shortcomings, and so I was straightforward with him, and told him where his words weren’t in accordance with the Fa.

When I was invited to see him again, I honestly told fellow practitioners about my rational discussion with the CEO. As a result, they thought I was jealous of him, and that I didn't have good enlightenment quality.

I told them about the Minghui editorial “Giving Speeches Amounts to Disrupting the Fa.” I wasn't sure it was always appropriate for him to give a speech in every group study situation, to be called by a special name, or to organize nine-day-lecture workshops and Fa conferences.

Several fellow practitioners said they had benefitted from his speeches, and they treated him with special care.

The CEO enjoyed talking about the previous lives of fellow practitioners, and their predestined relationships with their children. It's a common interest in their touring group.

They even asked for his opinion about how to name babies, and whether a man and a woman were a good match.

I brought to their attention many times that what they were doing didn't conform to the Fa. But they estranged me, and kept all their activities as a secret from me.

A fellow practitioner in our area published a sharing article on the Minghui website last year. It was about the danger of following an individual instead of the Fa.

The article clearly stated how she was misled by Li Wande's words, and experienced tribulations of sickness karma as a result of following him. She finally realized her mistake by studying the Fa.

I showed this article to my fellow practitioners, and they were shocked at first. However, they didn't come to see the danger, because the article didn't say Li Wande was a secret agent or a practitioner who had gone astray.

The CEO visited again some time later, and after interacting with him, these fellow practitioners began to suspect that the article wasn't from the Minghui website.

They asked me why they couldn't find it on Minghui, and told me that the author of the article had received retribution for writing it.

This group of practitioners recently planned to hold a Fa conference in a practitioner’s home, and made a special invitation to the CEO. He arrived a few days ahead of time, and stayed in this fellow practitioner's home.

On the day before the conference, the CEO was arrested when he went out. The police broke into the practitioner's home, didn't arrest any other fellow practitioners in the house, but confiscated sets of Falun Dafa books and related materials.

The CEO's true identity is still unknown. If he is a secret agent, he will probably be released soon, and brag about how he has broken away from imprisonment using righteous thoughts.

If he is a practitioner, his arrogance is probably the biggest excuse for the old forces to inflict persecution. The old forces might by trying to test other practitioners by arresting the CEO.

Fellow practitioners, wake up! The most solid cultivation comes from studying the Fa. If we turn to any external pursuit for clarification, we may not ever learn how to study well, or how to cultivate our hearts, and may end up inviting trouble and interference.