(Minghui.org) As a cultivator, we need to take wealth lightly. Master pointed out several times in recent lectures that an attachment to wealth can bring about serious consequences for a cultivator, sometimes at the cost of our long-cherished chance to cultivate.

Master reminded us:

“This applies to each and every Dafa disciple: if you were not a Dafa disciple today, you would have been one of the world’s big tycoons, with loads of money. That’s because if you weren’t a Dafa disciple, your mighty virtue—the massive virtue that you brought with you—could have been exchanged for a large amount of wealth. And that holds true for all of you. But you gave up that wealth when you made a conscious decision to be a Dafa disciple. You wanted to be a Dafa disciple, and you gave up those things.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference”)

Master made it very clear: we have given up our wealth in this human world in order to become a Dafa disciple.

On the other hand, even though we gave up our wealth in the human world, our true wealth actually manifests in other dimensions, especially in our saving sentient beings. I enlightened that, no matter how poor we are on the surface, each of us is very rich in other dimensions, and much of our wealth is turned into powerful tools for us to use to save sentient beings.

I'd like to share with fellow practitioners what I saw in other dimensions of the true manifestation of our wealth.

Our Powerful Magical Tools of the Fa in Other Dimensions

The Gold Bar

A few years ago, a practitioner was arrested and the local authorities set out to sentence him. Those who were trying to rescue him wanted to hire an attorney to defend him, but were short of money. When another practitioner heard about it, he gave thousands of yuan to pay the attorney.

What I saw at that moment was this practitioner contributing a piece of a gold bar. A divine being dressed in gold recorded his contribution to validate the Fa with a golden pen.

The Fa Tools Made from Gold Bars

While sending righteous thoughts, I saw a heavenly general order several of his soldiers to carry big, exquisitely decorated boxes.

When they opened the boxes, they were filled with golden bars. The soldiers set up a tripod with a fire underneath it to melt the bars, which they then fashioned into different tools. When the tools were made, they flew into my hands. I realized that this was the manifestation of our wealth in another dimension.

These Fa tools helped me eliminate many evil beings when the lawsuits against Jiang Zemin started to be filed six months later.

Golden Hooks Scattered in the Ocean

I once saw that many people were drowning and near death in a vast ocean, when clusters of light and countless golden hooks were scattered into the ocean. If a person wanted to be saved, the hook would turn into a long limb, wrap the person up, and take him out of the ocean. I understood that these were the informational materials made by practitioners that were saving people.

The Magical Lotus Flower

I also saw a telephone wire that was connected to countless phones. Through each phone, which was topped with a rotating lotus flower, the practitioner was clarifying the facts to people. When a listener agreed to quit the Chinese Communist Party, the lotus flower floated into the air and became very big. The person who had just quit the Party sat in the lotus flower. He was surrounded by divine beings and had a big smile on his face.

A Golden Fan-shaped Spaceship

Another time, I saw a big, shining, golden, fan-shaped spaceship roaming the infinite universe, cleaning things out. After zooming in, I saw that several practitioners were steering the spaceship, which was a giant Fa tool made from their combined wealth. This represented the truth-clarifying projects that succeed due to their cooperative efforts.

Golden Pillars

I also saw many practitioners weaving threads of gold, which grew into big golden pillars. Each pillar had its age carved into it. Some were more than 20 years old, some a little over ten, and some were only a few years old. Master was using the pillars to re-build the palace in each practitioner's new universe.

Not Using Our Wealth in the Right Place Incurs Serious Consequences

Some practitioners have wasted Dafa resources and squandered the money saved by other practitioners. I saw in the case of one such practitioner, all of his nerves were strings of coins, and his heart was inside a coin as well. His thoughts were consumed with money.

Because all of our wealth is a precious Dafa resource for us to save sentient beings, those who squandered that wealth have had their names recorded by divine beings dressed in black, each with an image of a corresponding punishment next to it, all looking very serious and scary.

In recent years, some practitioners have lost their lives as a result of wrongdoing on monetary issues. While we cultivate in a world full of various temptations, we can't forget the ultimate purpose for our coming here. We need to stay firm in cultivation and not be moved by our human attachments or any other temptation, because there is no such thing as a small matter in cultivaiton.

Let's remember what Master told us:

“Don’t let your soul’s long-cherished wish be extinguished over a few petty, worldly temptations.” (“Fa Teaching on World Falun Dafa Day”)

We must cultivate ourselves well, live up to the title of “Fa-rectification Period Dafa Disciple,” and not let Master down.