(Minghui.org) (Continued from Part 2)

Some people believe in karmic relationships, while some do not. But, regardless if one believes in it or not, human beings are subject to the laws of nature.

There are many stories that tell of people who received blessings or were rewarded after they did good deeds. And then there are the stories of wrongdoers facing consequences, known as karmic retribution.

Lacking Conscience Results in Early Death

Chen Jiantang, a government official in the Ming Dynasty, took a boat to assume his new appointment in another city. Along the route, he stopped for lodging, where his servant got into a fight with a local. Chen investigated the matter and found that his servant was at fault. He reprimanded his servant and told the local that he was free to go.

Official Bao, another passenger, whom Chen had become acquainted with during this trip, approached the local and swore at him, “Who do you think you are? How dare you harass government officials, steal our belongings, and vilify us?”

He asked that the local be tied up for a good whipping, and demanded that the town's government officials punish that individual. The local kowtowed and begged for a long time for reprieve.

Some passengers on the boat praised Bao for handling the situation well. Even Chen's servant thought Bao took better care of him than Chen. Pleased and conceited, Bao said to Chen, “You were too weak. If we officials want to succeed, we must be good at strategies and know how to play tricks. A good conscience is no longer useful to us.”

Chen looked at him without saying a word.

Shortly after, Bao was appointed to the position of sili (an official who oversees the filing of lawsuits) in Shaoxing City. He resorted to any means available to rise in rank and even framed others. His efforts landed him a position in the Ministry of Penalty.

However, instead of rising in rank, he was demoted. He developed gangrene on his back and died without leaving an heir.

While good deeds are rewarded, doing evil will not go unpunished. Such stories were recorded throughout Chinese history.

This should be a warning to those who blindly follow the directives of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and persecute innocent Falun Gong practitioners.