(Minghui.org) I am a practitioner from Taiwan who has been cultivating Falun Dafa since 2002. I'd like to share my stories as a way to celebrate World Falun Dafa Day.

Entering the Door of Cultivation

Growing up, I witnessed my father seeking both modern and alternative medicine to treat his myriad of health problems, but to no avail.

While mourning his death in 2001, I began to ponder if there was anything in the world that could really relieve people from the pain of illness. A bookmark lying on one corner of the desk suddenly caught my attention. It read, “Falun rotates constantly and cultivates practitioners automatically.”

I got the bookmark from a stranger years ago, but the words never registered with me until that day. I was a lazy person who just wanted shortcuts, and the idea of Falun automatically adjusting a practitioner's body seemed intriguing and interesting.

I went to the local Falun Dafa exercise site the very next day, only to stop a week later, as I couldn't endure the pain of crossing my legs during meditation.

Master Li, however, never gave up on me. One year later I overheard a young lady talking about Dafa at my workplace, and I became interested again.

I had reservations though, “Do we have to cross our legs for one hour? I just can't.” She comforted me, “At the beginning of your practice, it's okay to put your legs down in the middle of the meditation. Make sure to read the Falun Dafa books, though.”

Body Purification

I watched all of Master's video lectures that night. My wife was shocked when I ate a really big breakfast the next morning. “You usually have a very poor appetite. How come you gobbled down so much food today?” I knew that Master had given me energy after I watched his lectures.

As I continued my practice, I experienced more episodes of Master purifying my body. One day I suddenly vomited greenish stuff. Though I felt a bit tired, my body felt light for the rest of the day.

Another day I was doing the exercises when I smelled very strong antibiotics. I realized that Master was pushing out the karma of my body, as I used to take various medicines to treat my asthma.

A relative visited us one month after I started practicing, “Why are you looking so good now?” He was amazed when I told him that I'd begun practicing Dafa.

One year into my practice, my wife reminded me that I hadn't filled my asthma prescriptions yet. I knew that Master had cured my symptoms, and I no longer needed any medicine.

Meditating for One Hour for the First Time

I returned to our local exercise site after I decided to seriously practice Dafa.

It took me quite a while to be able to meditate for one hour. The breakthrough came one winter morning. I was sitting there with my legs crossed on top of each other. It hurt so much that I wanted to put down my legs right away. Strangely, I couldn't. My legs felt frozen and wouldn't listen to my brain.

I finally meditated for one hour! I did it again the next day, and I no longer felt that much pain. From then on, I had no trouble with hour-long meditation.

New-found Calmness Wins Over Colleagues

I tried my best to live by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, both at home and at work. I became calmer and looked within when conflicts arose.

There was an executive at my company who was always at odds with me. He wasn't my supervisor, but everyone knew that he wasn't happy that I worked at the company.

About three months into my Dafa practice, I ran into him in the hallway and was shocked to see him smiling at me. I soon realized that the calmness gained from my Dafa practice also calmed him down. He and I have been on good terms since then.

I used to complain that my colleagues were not as efficient as I was. I hated it when others procrastinated, but I learned to calm down after starting to cultivate. Interestingly, as I changed myself, I found that my coworkers no longer appeared that slow in their jobs.

Danger Averted

I was hanging up a chandelier with a colleague five years ago when he had to leave. I fastened everything by myself and climbed down the ladder.

I had just taken two steps when the heavy chandelier suddenly fell. I heard a scream from a lady passing by. I turned around to see the sharp tip of the chandelier crash to the floor right beside me.

Had the chandelier slid a little bit more towards my direction, I would have been impaled. I immediately thanked Master for his protection.

Acute Pain Gone by Itself

I was at work one day when I suddenly felt sharp pain in my thigh. It soon spread to my back and left lung. I managed to still go to work the next morning, but asked Master to please reschedule the time for me to get rid of my sickness karma.

My pain went away during the working hours, but returned as I was wrapping up the day. I decided to take a day off to focus on my Fa-study.

I spent the following day reading Zhuan Falun, only taking a few short breaks. As I kept reading, my pain lessened and it was completely gone by dinner time.

My takeaway from this experience was that as long as we study the Fa, our body will change for the better.

Grateful to Be a Practitioner

I didn't expect to be able to stick with Dafa for so long when I first started. Looking back, however, it's easy to see why I am still here. I've become so healthy, calm, and happy in the past 14 years – there is no reason to leave the practice.

As World Falun Dafa Day drew near, I wanted to once again express my gratitude to Master Li for imparting such a great Fa that has totally changed my life.