(Minghui.org) For mother and son Liu Chunli and Jia Mingzhen, who live in Sydney, Australia, doing peaceful meditation in China could mean arrest, detention, torture, and years of imprisonment.

They came to the Australia in 2012, when Mingzhen was 13. Four years have passed, yet Jia Ye, Chunli's husband and Mingzhen's father, is still incarcerated in Weinan Prison in Shaanxi Province.

The mother and son are asking for help, once again, for the release of their innocent family member.

Ye was employed at the Hu County Power Plant when the Chinese Communist Party started the suppression of Falun Gong in July 1999. Because he went to Beijing in 2000 to appeal for Falun Gong, he was detained in a police station for one month. He subsequently lost his job and was forced to pay a fine.

The second arrest came in 2001, when Ye refused a brainwashing session designed to force him gave up his belief. After the arrest, he was sent to a labor camp with a term of 18 months.

Two months after being released in 2002, officials from the power plant came to Ye's home to arrest him again. After the family refused to open the door, officials sent guards to watch the door around the clock.

Two days later, Ye jumped out of a third floor window to escape. His lower back and ankle were seriously injured from the fall. Nonetheless, he walked about 19 miles to avoid being captured by the police.

Ye was unable to return home, lest he be arrested by the officials. He was nonetheless arrested for the third time in June 2008 and sentenced to 8 years of imprisonment.

Ye was kept in solitary confinement in the prison. Inmates were assigned to watch him at all times. Guards tortured him in attempts to force him to give up his belief in Falun Gong. In April 2013, guards hung him upside down from a bunk and poured pungent liquid into his nose. Due to continued physical and mental tortures, Ye began to vomit blood in September 2013, but guards ignored the symptoms, and no medical treatment was provided.

Australian resident Liu Chunli, with her son Jia Mingzhen, held signs in Sydney in June 2015, asking for help in rescuing her husband imprisoned in China.

Mingzhen lived in pressure and terror, growing up without a father, and amid constant police harassment. His father has now been imprisoned for 7 years and 10 months. Mingzhen and his mother are asking for help to secure Ye’s release, so the family can be reunited.

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