(Minghui.org) Four Falun Gong practitioners in Jingmen City, Hubei Province were arrested on March 13, 2016. They are now held in the Shayang County Detention Center.

Mr. Peng Yaxin, Ms. Fu Chuanying, Mr. Zhang Guangjie, and Ms. He Shifeng were riding in a car when police vehicles surrounded them and arrested the occupants. The police confiscated their car, Falun Gong informational materials, and other personal belongings.

Police officers from Shangyang County and Shenjin Town ransacked their homes the following day and seized more informational materials.

Mr. Peng Yaxin’s home was ransacked at about 11 p.m., and his child was interrogated by officers. Those who ransacked his home included the Party Secretary and security personnel from his wife’s workplace, and two police officers. A few other officials were also present but did not enter the home. The police also confiscated Mr. Peng's personal computer.

Local police from the practitioners’ residential area did not come to their homes when they were ransacked. They directed the proceedings from a distance, which suggests that the orders came from the Jingmen City Police Department or other high-level authorities.

Perpetrators' contact information:Zhou Songqing, secretary, Jingmen City Political and Legal Affairs Committee: +86-15608699366, +86-724-2378386Zhu Gaowen, chief, Jingmen City Police Department: +86-18727606699, +86-724-8882000Li Wei, deputy director, Jingmen City 610 Office: +86-13886909205, +86-724-2372013