(Minghui.org) I would like to share a few things that helped me to overcome certain attachments on my path of cultivation.

One Step at a Time

My body often experiences pain. I don't know whether it is karma elimination or persecution. I try to negate the arrangements of the old forces and just continue doing the three things each day.

One thought that helps me to stay persistent is “taking one step at a time.” For instance, if I feel too lazy to practice the standing exercises, I say to myself, “Just do the first exercise. Don't think about the rest. Just do the first one.” After doing the first one, I find that I have more energy, and move to the second one. Again, if I don't feel energetic, I tell myself, “Just do the second one and don't think about the rest.”

This does not mean that I am not serious about cultivation, but psychologically it helps me not to be overwhelmed with the load of things that need to be done on a daily basis. I find that it better to tell myself to take one step at a time, rather than do nothing due to feeling overwhelmed, or discouraged from not being able to finish everything.

All Attachments Are Illusions

One thing that helps me to overcome attachments is the understanding that all attachments are illusions. Master said:

“What’s given up is not oneself,but instead the folly of delusion”(“Discarding Attachments,” from Hong Yin)

Another phrase from the recent Fa teaching really caught my attention:

“In the eyes of gods, everything is conjured up. With just one thought from a god, something can become real.” (“Fa Teaching on World Falun Dafa Day”)

My attachment of fear was recently brought to the surface. I started having some nightmares related to aliens. When I wake up, I ask Master to strengthen me, and tell myself, “This fear is an illusion. There are demons of even higher levels than those aliens. Why should I, a Dafa disciple, be fearful of them?”

I repeat the Fa in my mind about all attachments being illusions, and remind myself that the only reality is Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and that I should focus my mind on that, rather than on things that are not real, like “fear.”

I go through a similar process with other attachments. When lust or qing (sentimentality) manifests, I remind myself that they are illusions, not part of my true nature.

If there is no “fear,” how can courage be manifested? I understand that “fear” is part of the illusion created for beings to manifest courage and strength.

Staying in the Present

After reading the article on the PureInsight website about how Master has extended the time for cultivation four times already, my attachment to time and the conclusion of Fa-rectification resurfaced. I started paying close attention to world affairs and some prophecies.

This is a manifestation of the attachment to pursuit and seeking comfort. I decided that I want to break free from it, so I remind myself to stay in the present. If I am doing the exercises, I tell myself to remain in the present moment and not think about anything else. If I am studying, I do the same–I study and try not to think about anything else, as if the whole world stops existing during that time. If I am working, that is what I do–I stay in the present moment. Wanting to be in the future, or wanting the future to come faster, means that one is not grounded in the present moment. I no longer feel attached to time.

These are a few things I wanted to share with fellow practitioners. Please point out anything not on the Fa.

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