(Minghui.org) Just like many other practitioners who started cultivation in Falun Dafa before 1999, I experienced the wonderfulness of cultivation, as well as the bitterness of giving it up and becoming lost in ordinary society. Thanks to Master’s concern and care, I was awakened and finally came back to Dafa. I was fortunate to have a new opportunity to fulfill my prehistoric vows!

Reconnecting to Dafa

I was pregnant in 2009 and got severe morning sickness. My mom told me to study the Fa. But I had given up Falun Dafa 10 years ago, so it was hard for me to pick up practicing again.

I read several pages of Zhuan Falun and stopped. But that night I had a dream in which I saw a huge Buddha who was compassionately looking at me with a smile. I then saw my baby sitting on a lotus plate when he was born. I did not quite understand the meaning of this dream, but I knew that my baby came here from a high level and to obtain the Fa. He is now a little Dafa practitioner.

I did not return to cultivation until three years later. My mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer in 2012. Within six months, three people passed away in my husband's family. My own auntie passed away as well. I saw how fragile life was and how powerless a human being is in the face of death. At that time I thought of Dafa and Master. I felt that if I studied the Fa, Master would protect me. So I was not afraid of anything.

I lived with my parents, and when I joined their Fa study group, I knew Master must have been very happy. He was like a parent who finally saw his child return home.

Master opened my third eye and let me see a lot of scenes, which made me more determined in cultivation. When I sent forth righteous thoughts for the first time, I saw Master's law body sitting beside me.

When I was cleansing my own field for the first five minutes, my head felt very uncomfortable. I was possessed by too many bad spirits. Seeing that I could hardly bear the pain, Master made me sleep. In my dream, I saw Master cleaning out those bad spirits in my head. He waved his hand before my eyes afterwards. I then woke up. I felt my head was so light. Master treats every practitioner just like his own child and he gives us the most precious things.

Surviving a Deadly Accident

My husband had a large truck to transport goods to and from Beijing every day. One night, I heard a strange sound outside our truck when we were traveling on a steep highway. My husband said that the front tire had burst. We stopped, changed the tire, and continued driving.

When some of the experienced drivers heard that our front tire blew out on a steep highway, they were frightened. Typically, on such a steep highway, we would have crashed and died. They said that we were fortunate, and it was a miracle that we and the goods were both safe.

We were frightened after hearing this. Such a heavy truck going at such a high speed with so many cars around us... If Master had not protected us, we could not have imagined what would have happened!

Breaking Through Family Tribulations

My husband knows that Falun Dafa is good. However, due to the government's persecution he was afraid that I would be arrested, and our family would be implicated. Thus, he did not allow me to clarify the truth to people. He only allowed me to study the Fa and do the exercises at home. He also forbade me from teaching Dafa to my son.

One day I recited poems from Hong Yin with my son. My husband found out and cursed me. He ordered me to stop, because he was worried we would lose our good life due to the persecution. He made trouble about it the entire night.

I sent forth righteous thoughts to clear the bad elements in other dimensions. He said he would divorce me the next morning. I saw my child crying terribly, and my heart was broken. I told my husband that I would consider divorce.

I had a dream the following night. In it, a flock of pigeons was set free, and I was one of them. They were flying to their destination following a certain route, and they would not be able to reach it if they deviated a bit. Most of the pigeons dropped one after another during their flight. Only three followed the route. When they broke through one level, they became cranes and entered into the clouds and arrived at a beautiful world. I was one of the three cranes. I knew Master was encouraging me!

After I took my son to kindergarten, I told my husband that I would continue practicing Falun Dafa; I also did not want to divorce. He insisted that he would divorce me and get custody of our son. He then drove to his hometown to get our household registration book because it was a required document for divorce. I sent forth righteous thoughts to negate the factors influencing him.

That night my son requested to go out with me to put up posters to clarify the truth. While putting up the posters, I was thinking about the future of my son. My son's grandparents on his father's side were severely poisoned by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). If they took care of my son, he would be ruined. He came here for the Fa!

I knew in my heart, no matter what happened, I would not let him leave the Fa. I felt very sad and cried. I was determined to continue on my path. I did not want to divorce, but I was not afraid of it either.

Upon seeing my determination, Master helped me pass this test. My husband did not mention divorce upon returning from his hometown. A seemingly harsh storm vanished, and everything became peaceful again. With Master's protection, I passed this tribulation in three days.

Master Gave Me the Best

Not long ago, I got pregnant again. I did not want the baby because I thought it would interfere with my cultivation. I had just come back to Dafa and preferred to spend time studying the Fa, doing the exercises, and participating in Dafa projects. My fear of having severe morning sickness again invited this bad thing to myself. I vomited day and night and felt sleepy a lot. My mood was very low.

Instead of being righteous, I complained about the baby interfering with my Dafa work. All sorts of attachments came up. My brother asked me to take Chinese medicine to stop the vomiting. Another voice also told me that I would be alright if I took the medicine. I knew it was demonic interference.

I knew that even if I was not a qualified Dafa disciple, I would still continue on my cultivation path. With this thread of righteous thoughts and thanks to Master's strengthening, I managed to pass this period of morning sickness.

Master turned bad things into good things for me. Previously, I was not able to sit in the full lotus position when meditating, but now I was able to.

Setting Up a Material Production Center

I wanted to step out to distribute truth-clarification materials because I worried about not having had the opportunity to help save many sentient beings before the end of the Fa-rectification period. I lagged far behind for so many years. But my strong fear prevented me from stepping forward. Some practitioners encouraged me to distribute materials, while others opposed it, because they thought I was a new practitioner and should not take risks.

In my mind two thoughts were fighting against each other. One encouraged me, while another suggested that I would be arrested if I stepped out. I still thought that I should do what Dafa disciples are supposed to do. Master's voice resounded in my mind: “All practitioners are disciples, no matter when they began the practice.” (“Lecture Three”, Zhuan Falun)

I knew I should listen to Master. I went to a residential area and finished distributing all the materials I had. Everything went smoothly. With Master's strengthening, I finally took the first step in helping to save sentient beings. Master took away most of my fear. I was at ease when I went out again to distribute truth-clarifying materials.

I was no longer afraid of the dark. And although I did not have a good sense of direction, I always managed to find my way after distributing materials. From studying the Fa more, I realized that distributing truth-clarification materials is for saving people and not just for my personal cultivation.

With the help of local practitioners, I finally managed to set up a material production center at my home in 2015. I can make all the materials that practitioners require and provide supplies to two groups of practitioners.

My brother said it was beyond his expectation that I could produce so many materials. Fellow practitioners said that it was my mission to run a material production center.