(Minghui.org) After talking with fellow practitioners, I realized that I had a low opinion of people who don't agree with my view when I talk to them about Falun Dafa and the persecution.

What I've said was ineffective in saving them, but I thought this “ineffectiveness” was because those people weren't willing to accept what I was saying. I pushed aside my attachment with the excuse that the person might not be savable.

I Missed the Chance to Save My Aunt

My youngest aunt married a villager in a rural area and went to live there. Their marriage was troubled, and my aunt was unhappy living so far from her family.

I thought she was selfish and only thought about herself. I knew that she also practiced some forms of qigong. I thus held a bad opinion of her.

She was diagnosed with terminal cancer two years ago. I immediately went to visit her when I heard the news. I told her about Falun Dafa again, brought her an MP3 player, and asked her to listen to Master’s Fa lectures.

She wouldn't listen and later passed away. I thought that I had done my best, so I didn't take a deep look at myself.

Finally Identifying My Incorrect Thoughts

When I later examined myself for shortcomings, I realized that it was my low opinion of others that pushed them away. I was deeply regretful.

My aunt's eldest daughter had not yet accepted what I had to say about Dafa and the persecution. This cousin recently came to visit me, so I used the opportunity to apologize. I said that I wasn't able to help save her mother because of my incorrect thoughts about her.

This time, my cousin accepted what I said about Dafa and even had tears in her eyes. She quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations.

From this, I learned that when we let go of our attachments, people will feel our sincerity.

Other Practitioners With Negative Thoughts

An elderly practitioner’s son-in-law was diagnosed with cancer and died soon thereafter. The practitioner often complained that her son-in-law opposed Dafa, but was full of praise for the CCP. She said that he died because he was not savable.

Whenever this practitioner talked about her son-in-law before, one could hear the tone of resentment in her voice. She constantly complained that he ignored her, didn't treat her daughter well, and that his mind was filled with the CCP’s lies. Whenever she talked about him, she became very upset and angry.

Another elderly practitioner married her husband when she was young, and he already had two children from a previous marriage. Their relationship was uneasy, and she didn't have a good cultivation environment at home.

She often complained that his children didn't treat her well because she wasn't their biological mother. She also felt that he always took his children's side against her. She was very unhappy.

When we talk to strangers, we are compassionate and try our best to save them. However, when we know the person and have negative thoughts about them, we sometimes fail to see our own shortcomings. As such, we may have determined their future by our negative thoughts.

Our Thoughts and Notions Interfere

Dafa practitioners are saving lives to their paradises, and a practitioner’s one thought can set the future of a being. If we reject a being in our mind, how can we be compassionate and save them?

The people closest to us have a predestined relationship with us, and we should try our best to save them. We must discard our impure thoughts and notions.

Please point out and correct my shortcomings.