(Minghui.org) In cultivation, I think we need to get rid of all human attachments and notions to succeed in cultivation and ultimately reach consummation.

I'm now able to take many things lightly after having cultivated for a while, but some stubborn attachments are hard to completely relinquish. I'm able to cultivate them away bit by bit, repeating the process time and time again. When I'm unable to completely let go of attachments, I feel distressed.

My understanding is that if we have even the smallest attachment, it may be magnified as part of a xinxing test. I believe that if an attachment is reduced to one millionth of its original size, it can be enlarged to the original size by the old forces. Only when the attachment is completely eliminated can the old forces no longer take advantage of it.

For genuine practitioners, all human attachments must be removed. Although this cannot be achieved all at once, we should be determined and constantly improve our understanding of the Fa. One must progress diligently and let go of all human attachments and notions to meet with success in cultivation.

There were many times when I didn't pass some tests well because I did not have a clear understanding of the situation or didn't get rid of the notions deep in my mind.

Practicing cultivation is serious. In my understanding, we cannot meet the standard of the Fa if we are even a little bit off.

I remember a story, in which an old man asked his three sons what they wanted their futures to be. His first son said he wanted to get rich. His second son said he wanted to become a deity. His third son said he wanted to be both rich and a deity. I used to think like the third son, who wanted it all.

In writing this article, I noticed my own attachment to greed and understood the seriousness of cultivation. I now realize that we need to let go of all human attachments.