(Minghui.org) I am a Falun Gong practitioner. Master Li (the founder of Falun Gong) teaches us to cultivate compassion and to be considerate of others. He tells us to look inward for shortcomings when conflicts arise.

After taking up the practice, I began to let go of my attachments and improve my moral character. I have tried to take things lightly, although it has not been easy.

Resentment Builds

My husband and I came from farming families. I am the oldest among my siblings, and so is my husband. We both graduated from college and got jobs in the city.

Both my family and my husband's were poor. They all came to us for money because of our good incomes. Not wanting to be taken advantage of, we both kept watch to make sure the other one was not secretly sending money home. We argued and fought a lot over money issues.

My parents-in-law did not give us any money when we got married. They refused to loan us money even though we offered to pay them high interest. We had to live in a very small house with our child for four years. However, they helped my youngest brother-in-law buy a house when he got married.

I was upset and had a vengeful thought that I would not financially support them in their old age.

In 1997, my husband gave his youngest brother 5,000 yuan to help him buy a house without my knowledge. This was a lot of money at that time.

I did not complain out loud, but the resentment remained in my heart for a long time, especially considering that I lived so frugally. My tears fell as I did the meditation. As a practitioner, it still took me a long time to let it go.

Heart and Mind Improved

One day, my son informed me that my husband had given more money to his parents than to mine. My husband had led me to believe that he had treated them equally. He was little embarrassed, but I did not get upset. I realized that my xinxing had improved.

On another occasion, I found a bank receipt showing that my husband had sent 50,000 yuan to his younger brother. He claimed that he did it on behalf of another person, and that it was not our money. He didn't seem to be telling the whole truth, but I accepted it and did not pry any further. I was surprised myself that I stayed calm.

I no longer asked my husband about how much money he gave his family, nor did he ask me. There was no more tension and struggle over finances.

I took good care of my parents and parents-in-law. We gave them a lot of money. I bought my parents-in-law high quality winter and summer clothes.

We also looked after my grandparents and his grandmother. We gave them money and paid for their funerals.

My husband's grandmother lost her hearing and eyesight. I felt sad for her and suggested that she get a check-up to see if her blindness was caused by cataracts. Despite the objection of my mother-in-law, my husband drove her to the hospital in the city. She received surgery to remove her cataracts and we covered the cost. She was able to see again the day after the surgery. She was so happy. We were happy for her, too.

My grandparents lost financial support from their children when they were in their 80's. I bought a house for them to live in with my mother and paid for their living expenses. Cared for by my mother, both of them happily lived to nearly 100 years old.

We also helped our siblings buy their homes, and with their children's education expenses.

Dispelling the CCP's Lies

Seeing my good deeds, my neighbors praised me for my filial piety. My extended family members believe that Falun Dafa is good and they support my cultivation. They no longer believe the CCP's lies, which slander Falun Gong in various ways, including claiming that practitioners do not care about their families.

If it were not for the CCP's lies and persecution against Falun Gong, more people would have learned the practice and had their morality uplifted. As a result, there would be more elderly who could enjoy the utmost care from the younger generation.