A Congratulatory Letter to the Fa Conference of Argentina

My greetings to all practitioners attending the Fa conference of Argentina!

Dafa is the Law of the cosmos, and it is what brings life into being and makes greatness possible. To learn it, it’s necessary that you study it with all due seriousness and mental calm, and do so consistently, while also ensuring that you understand what you are reading. Only when you ensure that your conduct as a person—and as a cultivator—abides by the Fa are you a Dafa disciple. The exercises play a supporting role alongside cultivation, and neither can be neglected. That said, with this Fa being as immense as it is, there is sure to be a [special] purpose for its being taught here in this world. People’s values were declining terribly, and with these deplorable morals humanity was in peril. It was thus to save all lives that Dafa was introduced to this world, and it follows that genuine disciples shoulder the responsibility of saving all lives.

Cherish this! An opportunity like this only comes about once in an eon!

I wish your Fa conference success, and thank you all.

Your Teacher,

Li Hongzhi

November 27, 2016

Note: Translation by Team Yellow, subject to further improvement