A Congratulatory Message to the Argentina Fa Conference

Dafa disciples attending the Argentina Fa Conference: Greetings, everyone!

Dafa is the Fa of the universe, the Fa that fulfills lives. To obtain It, you must calm your mind, study It sincerely and continuously, and read It to understand It. Be a person in line with the Fa’s requirements and be a cultivator—only then will you be a Dafa disciple. Doing the exercises is the supplement to cultivation—neither can be omitted. Yet, so immense a Fa being spread in the human world must have its purpose. It is because society’s morals are deteriorating, and the decline in human morality has brought danger to humankind; thus Dafa is being spread in the world to save all beings, so disciples who are genuinely cultivating have the responsibility to save all beings.

Cherish it! This is something you will not encounter in eons!

May the Fa Conference be a success! Thank you, everyone.

Your Master,

Li Hongzhi

November 27, 2016

Note: Translation by Team Blue, subject to further improvement