(Minghui.org) A practitioner and I made a dozen truth-clarification display boards and wanted to hang them up in the countryside near our city. Three other practitioners also wanted to join us.

Just before we were about to set out, one practitioner suggested that we should bring in more practitioners and do this as a team, so that we could cover most of the areas in our town.

After most of the local practitioners agreed, we made several dozen more display boards, more than a hundred big banners from three to five meters long, and hundreds of small banners. We distributed the materials to different practitioners' groups and planned to post them on New Year’s Eve.

Overcoming the Illusion of Persecution

On the afternoon of New Year’s eve, just hours before we were about to take action, one of ours coordinators said to me, “New Year is a sensitive date. There will be a lot of police patrolling. You should be considerate of everyone’s safety and be rational. Planning to do it for New Year’s may be because of the competitive mentality. Why don’t you do it a few days later?”

I responded, “We can’t change the plan. We can’t be frightened by the illusion of persecution or sensitive dates. How could we be selective about which day to save people?”

After I explained my thoughts, the coordinator was still not convinced and wanted to find another practitioner to discuss it.

As we were driving to that practitioner’s home, four police cars happened to surround us on the road.

“See, am I not right?” That practitioner took this as a sign that we shouldn’t go out to post the display boards that night.

“It’s all illusion. We shouldn’t acknowledge it. The police are not after us.” I answered.

Upon arrival at the other practitioner’s home, we shared our thoughts, and it turned out that he also agreed with me.

We did a great job that night. We didn’t see any police cars, nor did we encounter any interference putting up the banners and display boards.

I went back home, and as I lay in bed I saw a scene of countless people cheering and celebrating on a hill covered with colorful banners. I enlightened that not only people who read the banners are saved, but everything in the immediate area, including flowers and plants, are all saved and rectified by the Fa.

Encouraged by the success, we continued to put up banners and display boards on World Falun Dafa Day and July 20, the date that the persecution was launched in 1999. We expanded our display board production teams and customized our products. We give heavier full-size display boards to practitioners with cars, and for those who ride bicycles, we make lighter, foldable boards. These boards are very flexible, as they can be hung up by two hooks at the top or placed on an easel on the ground.

Our banners are very eye-catching and some stay up for more than a month.

Overcoming Interference and the Attachment of Zealotry

Once, a street sweeper took down a banner just after we'd put it up. We talked to him and explained to him about the persecution, and why we put up the banner. He understood the facts and returned the banner to us. He also agreed to quit the Chinese Communist Party. We were very happy for him.

However, sometimes when things went really well, we developed the attachment of zealotry and of showing off. Then the next time when we went out, our display boards were discovered by the police. But thanks to Master’s protection, the police passed by our car and didn’t see us.

This reminded me to be more serious and mindful of our own cultivation when doing things to clarify the facts. Everything is done by Master and we shouldn’t take that to be our credit or show off.

Master said:

“Without my Law Bodies doing these things, even protecting the people in charge could hardly be ensured, let alone spreading the Fa widely. So don’t always think of yourselves too highly.” (“A Heavy Blow,” Essentials for Further Advancement)