(Minghui.org) Both my sister and her husband were diagnosed with heart failure in 1996. The doctor suggested heart replacement surgery for each. As a doctor, I knew that after such a surgery, one has a very short lifespan.

Her husband's friend gave them Zhuan Falun, the main book of Falun Dafa, and suggested that they could greatly benefit from this cultivation practice.

The friend taught them and myself the exercises, which were not too difficult to learn. However, the sitting meditation was difficult for me, as the pain in my legs was excruciating. It was difficult for my brother-in-law even to bend his legs, let alone cross them. But I encouraged them to persevere.

I neither believed nor expected anything extraordinary from practicing Falun Dafa. But my sister no longer experienced any of the symptoms of her illness. I took her blood pressure and heart rate. Strange enough, her blood pressure was normal and her heart rate had improved. I wondered if Dafa indeed had the power to cure an illness.

To my surprise, after I practiced Dafa the inflammation in my knee joints eased up, so I began to hope for a complete recovery.


Newspaper editorials like “Advocating Science” and “Doing Away with Superstitions” were published one after another in 1999. I sensed from these articles that Falun Dafa would be singled out for criticism.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) became afraid of the practice because the number of practitioners exceeded the number of CCP members.

Two police officers came to my home and accused me of teaching Falun Dafa to my patients. They demanded that I hand over any Dafa books. I told them that it was a good thing to practice qigong, as it helped people cure illnesses and keep fit. I told them that I did not have time to chat because I had patients waiting for me.

The police did not come to harass me again. But I was cautious and hid my Dafa books and exercise CDs.

I soon gave up Falun Dafa, however, and my knee problems began to bother me again. Occasionally I practiced some of the exercises at midnight, but it did not help. Gradually I forgot the Dafa principles.

I used to think that I would come back to Falun Dafa after the initial crackdown stopped. But then the CCP staged the Tiananmen Square Self Immolation incident.

When I heard of the 2002 Television Interception incident, I felt ashamed and felt like I was a deserter. I did not dare take out the Dafa books or do the exercises.

Different Realms

My son and his wife were hired by a big company in the city where my sister lives. They were senior managers and had a decent income. They visited my sister and they looked after each other.

I closed my clinic and also moved to their city with my wife. The move was also convenient for us since my son's wife was expecting.

When I saw Dafa materials in my sister's home I said, “The CCP has persecuted Falun Dafa for 15 years. Plainclothes policemen are everywhere. Don't you worry about your own safety?”

“Brother, don't be scared by the CCP,” she responded. “That's the reason why you haven't come back to Dafa. What do you mean by safety? I would have died 20 years ago if I hadn't practiced Falun Dafa. It is my duty to tell people about Dafa and the persecution. Do you want me to live in disgrace? Is that a practitioner's mindset?”

I had nothing to say. I looked at her and knew she had changed. She was no longer just a housewife. She had a large heart and had reached a higher realm.

Cherishing the Opportunity

My sister visited when my son's child was born. She persuaded my son and his wife to withdraw from the CCP.

“Auntie, I understand what you said,” my son said. “My wife and I have read Zhuan Falun and know that Dafa teaches us to be good. I know very clearly that the CCP has been killing Chinese people. My grandfather was killed by the CCP and my grandmother could not bear it and died soon after. I would rather not be buried with it when it falls. Instead I will bury it. I can see this day is not far off.”

My sister responded, “I don't need to worry about you. You young people live in a complex society where people hurt each other. Please remember 'Falun Dafa is good and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,' and you will be blessed. Dafa has saved our family.”

She also told him that she knew in her heart that I would practice Dafa again. It was just a matter of time.

My son and his wife quit with an alias, while I quit the CCP using my own name. I can no longer be afraid of the CCP.

It is no use to regret. Let us give up fear, start to practice Falun Dafa, and grasp this opportunity. As new practitioners, let's cultivate diligently.