(Minghui.org) I am a volunteer coordinator for our local Falun Dafa practitioners. We have learned to work together so that our entire group has improved as one body, disintegrated the evil forces, and saved sentient beings. I would like to share some of our experiences and insights gained through working together to rescue fellow practitioners who have been illegally arrested.

Hiring Lawyers

In some areas, practitioners hire lawyers the moment one of us is incarcerated. Hiring lawyers to defend us, though not inappropriate, can easily exhaust our resources as lawyers are very costly. I have also noticed that some practitioners then rely on the lawyers, instead of Dafa practitioners, to rescue fellow practitioners.

Our goal is to help sentient beings, including lawyers, to understand the facts about Dafa. We should not rely entirely on lawyers to do our job and carry out our obligations.

We Are One Body

Thanks to our ability to cooperate, many practitioners in our local area have been rescued and returned home shortly after their arrests.

A few years ago, seven practitioners were arrested and two others were forced to become homeless to avoid arrest. We notified the practitioners in our entire county to send forth righteous thoughts.

Many practitioners postponed their personal obligations to send forth righteous thoughts for an extended period of time. Some stayed in fellow practitioners’ homes after group study to send forth righteous thoughts throughout the night.

We also arranged for practitioners’ families to go to their local police stations to demand that the detained practitioners be released. It just so happened that the detained practitioners’ teenage children were all Dafa disciples. Despite intense pressure, these teenagers overcame many difficulties to meet together and send forth righteous thoughts.

Practitioners from different areas in our county stepped forward and shared experiences together. We looked within ourselves to search for the reason why so many practitioners were arrested. We knew that our group as a whole must have some loopholes.

Nonetheless, when we all strongly believed that the police would not use any excuses to persecute the practitioners, and after we asked Master to make decisions for us and those fellow practitioners, two practitioners returned home in seven days, and four others returned home 23 days later.

During the same time, however, a practitioner whom everybody believed had the strongest righteous thoughts was arrested. Surprisingly, she was not released with the other practitioners.

Once again, we searched inside ourselves and discovered that, because her righteous thoughts were strong, we had focused on helping the other practitioners. After adding her in our righteous thoughts, she came back to us 30 days later.

Letting Go of Myself

A fellow practitioner came over to my place to tell me to hide for a few days because the police had copied our license plate number the last time we went to the countryside to share with the practitioners there. She added that we probably were being followed, too. I told her that I would stay with fellow practitioners instead of hiding and worrying about my personal safety.

I dreamed about being arrested several times after that, so I slept less and used the extra time to send forth righteous thoughts. I continued doing what I should do and looked inward to rid myself of all attachments.

Denying the Old Forces’ Arrangement

Last year, hundreds of practitioners were persecuted for filing lawsuits against the former Chinese dictator, Jiang Zemin. In a particular practitioner’s home, the police found a computer, printer, a hard drive with Dafa books, and receipts for the letters that practitioners had mailed to sue Jiang. They believed that they had found the person who was responsible for all the local lawsuits against Jiang and claimed that this practitioner would definitely face a 5 to 8-year prison term. The city police department even set up a special team to investigate the case.

Afraid that this practitioner would be incarcerated, her family put up a large amount of money to hire a lawyer for her.

Our local practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts together, used different approaches to tell people the facts about the persecution, and demanded her release.

At first, I didn’t hold out much hope, because the prosecutor had over one hundred receipts for the lawsuits that practitioners had mailed. It seemed that the prosecutor and the police station had what they believed was a strong case against this practitioner.

Over 12 days later, however, I suddenly realized that suing Jiang was not illegal and therefore all those receipts were legal. This practitioner had not violated the law to sue Jiang. The receipts were from the post office and were not evidence of any wrongdoing that the prosecutor could use to persecute the practitioner. We had to completely deny the old forces’ arrangement.

I shared my thoughts with fellow practitioners, and we sent forth righteous thoughts together. I could feel that my righteous thought broke through layers of dimensions and disintegrated many evil forces. That practitioner was released 37 days later.

A practitioner was arrested and taken to a brainwashing center. We worked together to tell people the facts about the persecution. After the practitioner returned home, the chief of the local police station asked me to tell our local practitioners that he did not want to persecute Dafa practitioners, but he had no choice since he had to carry out orders from higher up. Since then, he has never persecuted any other practitioners.

When some of us went out to tell people the truth about Dafa and the persecution, we were reported to the police, and two practitioners were arrested. Many of us went to the police station where the chief threatened us. The police ransacked one practitioner’s residence and took his computer, printer, and Dafa informational materials. We wrote letters to all the police stations in our county to tell them the facts about Dafa. We then made follow-up calls. Our goal was clear—to save people who work in the law enforcement agencies and to demonstrate the beauty of Dafa to them.

Our perseverance touched one police chief, who personally brought the two practitioners back home and also returned the confiscated items. From then on, the police in our area notified the practitioners who were reported on. The police either ignored the reports or released the practitioners right away when no one was watching. Some practitioners were released as soon as they got to the police station. Two practitioners were released after they were detained for three days. The longest time a practitioner was detained was 15 days.

Volunteer Coordinators Work in Harmony with One Another

One finger alone is not very strong, but five fingers together make a fist.

Since the onset of the persecution in 1999, our local practitioners have refused to give in to the evil forces – if one coordinator was arrested, another practitioner would step up to do her job.

Coordinators in our area often share our experiences, so that when problems occur, we can work together to find solutions. We often create opportunities for practitioners to meet and share experiences. We all believe that improving together is our priority.

Master arranges our cultivation paths, and coordinators must walk their paths well since all gods are watching us. Every single thought will be recorded, and, if we do things from the perspective of the Fa, fellow practitioners will work with us.

Rescuing practitioners is an important task, which means that coordinators take on a heavy burden, and we must not have any loopholes. Cultivating our xinxing well is priority, and the broader our minds are, the clearer our vision becomes and the more challenges we can tackle. We must look on the bright side and be positive with all fellow practitioners, harmonizing their various attachments. We must search inside ourselves unconditionally to ensure that our group is unbreakable and solid.

In conclusion, the process of rescuing fellow practitioners is also a process for our own cultivation, as well as a process for our group cultivation. Everything that happens to us is relevant to our cultivation, so we must do a good job and not leave any loophole for the evil forces to exploit.