(Minghui.org) Many practitioners have shared how they struggled with sleepiness early in the morning for daily Fa study and exercises. I went through a difficult process in 2008 to get used to getting up early and staying awake. I finally achieved a breakthrough by forming a routine.

The most sleepy moment for me was after sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight. To overcome it, I went outside with chalk to write messages that clarify the facts about Falun Dafa. After I followed this routine for two months, I was no longer sleepy in the early morning. I have been sleeping really well since then. I fall asleep right after I go to bed and there are few dreams.

Here is my schedule:~8pm – ~11pm: sleep for 3 hours~11pm – 11:55pm: Fa study11:55pm – 1:00am: sending forth righteous thoughts1:00am – 3:50am: truth clarification, such as going out to write messages about Falun Dafa.3:50am – 5:55am: do the five exercises5:55am – 6:10am: sending forth righteous thoughts.6:10am – 8am: sleep for 2 hours

This schedule guarantees one hour of sending forth righteous thoughts at midnight, one hour of Fa study, two hours of exercise, two hours of truth clarification, and five hours of sleeping time that was divided into two sessions.