(Minghui.org) In order to achieve the desired effect, outside of China Shen Yun performances are to be watched live only, with no videos being made available. There is a mainland China-only edition of video discs containing Shen Yun performances, and there is a rule clearly stating that these mainland China edition discs are to be distributed free of charge, and only in China, where the persecution is ongoing. However, in recent years some practitioners from China have taken the mainland China edition Shen Yun performance discs or video files abroad. Some of them excused such behavior by claiming that it was for their personal or their families' use, and some would play it for a small group of others, etcetera.

Regarding the above situation, Master has said that when outside China, the shows must be seen live, and videos of the performances are strictly prohibited from being taken outside China. Whoever does this is disrupting and undermining the Shen Yun performances. If people continue to do this, then the Shen Yun performance videos will not be distributed in the future, even in mainland China.

For practitioners who have brought mainland China edition Shen Yun DVDs or video files overseas, please immediately destroy these DVDs or video files.

We are making the announcement to address this issue.

Minghui Editorial BoardJanuary 13, 2016