(Minghui.org) I have practiced Falun Dafa since January 1998. It was incredible how I stepped into this cultivation practice. My husband visited his cousin in the city to celebrate her 66th birthday. On his return home, he stopped at a bookstore and purchased the book Falun Gong, the introductory book of the cultivation practice Falun Dafa. He gave it to me and said to follow the pictures in the book to learn the Dafa exercises.

Predestined to Obtain Dafa

It must have been my destined time to obtain Dafa, because I read the book without any interruption or a second thought. Master Li's photo looked so familiar, but I just could not remember where I had met him. Many years later, Master enlightened me that we had established our predestined relationship many lives ago.

When I was given the book Falun Gong, I had no idea what cultivation practice was all about. I read the book and only did the exercises I felt comfortable with. For example, my shoulders made a clicking sound every time I moved my arms up and down in the third exercise. So I skipped it and focused on meditation.

I sat cross-legged for 40 minutes on the first day. It was painful, but the thought of giving up did not enter my mind.

My husband was told that practitioners of this cultivation practice had to study the Fa. So, he purchased Zhuan Falun for me. I learned a lot about cultivation practice from Zhuan Falun.

Master began to purify my body after I read Zhuan Falun and I practiced all the exercises. Once, I felt I was as tall as the big locust tree in front of our house. Another time, I entered tranquility and felt that my entire body was gone and only the thought of doing the exercises remained. These experiences were unforgettable.

Recovered Three Months Into the Practice

I suffered from many ailments before I practiced Dafa, including a heartbeat that was too fast, as well as an inflammation in the chest area, the lining of the lungs, the gallbladder, and the digestive tract. Besides I had a frozen shoulder, which allowed me only a limited range of movement.

About three months into the practiced I had recovered from all of my illnesses. I felt my body was light and my heart was filled with happiness.

My husband looked at me as if he could not believe his eyes, and I could understand why. I experienced such a dramatic change and it was hard for me to believe it, too.

I could work on our farm, and my husband took a job as a migrant laborer in the city. He did not have to worry about his family in the countryside.

Family Relation Repaired

On one hand, my parents-in-law and I lived in a state of hostility because my illnesses prevented me to work on the farm. On the other hand, I believed that my illnesses were caused because of the hard work in the fields. We lived in houses that faced each other, but we did not talk to each other.

My practicing Falun Dafa was instrumental in repairing my relationship with my parents-in-law. My mother-in-law used to give me a hard time because I never could meet her expectations. She often bad-mouthed me among the neighbors and even told my father-in-law to beat me when I challenged her verbally.

Falun Dafa let me understand the concept of karmic retribution. I understood that my illnesses were not coincidental, but because of all the bad deeds I did in a prior life. I also must have mistreated my parents-in-law in a prior life, and they repaid me now by giving me a hard time.

I no longer resented them and became more and more compassionate and tolerant toward them. My mother-in-law changed after I changed. She accepted me and told people that our relationship improved because of the goodness of Falun Dafa.

After the persecution of Falun Dafa started in July 1999, my father-in-law and brother-in-law repeated the slanderous propaganda against Falun Dafa broadcasted on television. Instead, my mother-in-law sided with me and defended Falun Dafa. She never said a bad word about Dafa until the day she peacefully passed away.

Surreal Experiences

I was stunned when all of China's media began to malign Falun Dafa in 1999. I could not understand why such a good exercise was banned in China. Fellow practitioners went to Beijing to peacefully appeal to the government for justice for Falun Dafa. My husband encouraged me to go to Beijing and to tell the central government that the media was wrong about Dafa.

Therefore, I wrote a letter to the appeals office and mailed a copy of it to two newspapers that committed libel against Falun Dafa.

Police arrested me at the local railway station before I could board a train to Beijing and detained me in a local police substation for two months. My husband and daughter supported and encouraged me to be steadfast and to safeguard Dafa.

My name was included on a black list and the local authorities often harassed me.

When I was at home alone one evening, a car stopped at the gate. The head of the local police substation and two policemen came into my home and claimed that I and a fellow practitioner were reported for distributing Dafa fliers throughout the village.

It was clear to me that he was lying. To protect the practitioner, I said, “It is not true. I posted them all by myself.”

During a nap in the afternoon I had a dream. Master Li told me to raise my right palm in front of my chest when I was in trouble. So I kept my right palm upright at my chest.

They opened cabinets and drawers to look for fliers but couldn't find any. He said that I had posted fliers and asked me to show him one. I just told him that I had none left because they were meant for people to read.

They searched for a while and couldn't find anything. The head of the police told me to put down my palm because he was afraid, but I ignored him.

On their way out, one policeman miss-stepped and injured his ankle. He turned back and looked at me with a silly expression and asked if this was because of retribution. I said it was just a warning.

Before getting into their car, the head of the police asked me to protect them on their way back to the office because they did not arrest me tonight. I told them to do more good deeds and they would be safe.

I put down my palm after they left. During this encounter, I held no fear or impure thoughts.

A Supportive Family

My husband and daughter are not practitioners but always support me. My husband often accompanied me to distribute fliers at night. When I was arrested for talking about Falun Dafa to strangers, he demanded my release. He also helped me make banners.

A few years back, my daughter married. My son-in-law also experienced the beauty of Falun Dafa and gradually joined our efforts to let people know that Dafa is good. They certainly have chosen a bright future for themselves.

We also printed Falun Dafa materials and fliers at home. Ever since we started the printing work, udumbara flowers appeared every year on corn leaves, pumpkin leaves, window glass and our brick wall.

Turning Into a Genuine Cultivator

Looking back, nearly two decades have passed in the blink of an eye and I have changed from an ordinary person who had no idea what cultivation was all about to a genuine Falun Dafa practitioner.

I still see a lot of shortcomings and attachments within me. Therefore, I know I have not met the standard yet. However, I have never thought of giving up cultivation practice.

Falun Dafa gave me back health, harmonized my family, enlightened me about cultivation practice, gave me opportunities to save people, and be part of the Fa-rectification.

Practicing Falun Dafa is such a beautiful experience.