(Minghui.org) I was arrested at home on December 23, 2003, and taken to the Jintang County Detention Center by officers from the Huaikou Police Station.

A young female Falun Gong practitioner, Ms. Meng Xiao from Nanchong City, was also detained in my cell. She was very thin. She was a college graduate and a division head at the Chengdu Iron and Steel Works. She was forced to leave home to avoid harassment from the authorities because she practiced Falun Gong. She was arrested and had been held in the detention center for over a month before I arrived.

Ms. Meng was taken out of the cell at around 7:00 a.m. daily and returned after 11:00 p.m.. I could tell she had been tortured. She was on a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention and refused to give up her belief in Falun Dafa.

When I asked her what had happened during the day she told me, “They inject me with poisonous drugs and force-feed me. Sometimes I'm taken to the Sichuan Province Reeducation Bureau Hospital in Qingjiang Town, and sometimes to the Jintang County No. 1 People's Hospital.”

Ms. Meng Doesn't Return to Her Cell

I know the director of the detention center, as his hometown is Huaikou where I live. So I asked him, “Could you do a good deed, and let her go? Meng Xiao has been detained for over a month that I know of. She hasn't eaten anything.”

“We aren't allowed to release her,” the director replied. “The higher authorities in the Chengdu City 610 Office ordered us to let her die.”

On the 28th day of my detention, January 20, 2004, Ms. Meng did not return to the cell. I was very anxious and couldn't sleep all night. I wondered what had happened to her.

The guards in the detention center, as well as the head of the cells looked very nervous the next morning. One of the guards told an inmate to fetch two sets of Meng Xiao's clothes. He said that the clothes she was wearing were dirty and needed to be washed. I told them that Meng Xiao has only the clothes she wore, so I gave them a set of my clothes and asked if she had been killed. The cell group leader told me not to talk nonsense.

Escaping Death to Tell About a Murder

I was offered plenty of food at lunch that day, which consisted of three entrees and a bowl of rice.

A guard kept prompting me, “Old lady, hurry up and eat. The police will pick you up soon.”

I could only think that Ms. Meng must have been murdered. I was very angry, but dared not say anything. I had no appetite, but they kept urging me to eat. I felt uncomfortable and my mouth was numb, so I stopped eating.

A guard told me to collect my belongings and wait at the gate for the police car to arrive. It was strange that they didn't want me to sign any of their paperwork. Usually I had to sign all manner of documents when I was about to be picked up by a police car.

Officers from the Huaikou Police Station arrived around 5:00 p.m. It was dark when I got home. The officers told my husband repeatedly that I was in good shape at the time they brought me home.

The next morning, my head felt swollen and my mouth was dry with saliva dribbling out. I went to the hospital and the doctor told me that I had facial paralysis.

Jiang Zengyao, the director of the detention center, and a few others came to see me the next day. When he saw me his face turned pale with a weird expression. I didn't understand why he came to see me or the reason for his expression.

They came to visit me often. I later realized that they were afraid I would expose the murder of Ms. Meng. I knew too well of their wickedness. But I was very afraid and didn't expose the murder at the time. Today, I finally stand up and tell people.

I understand why they offered me a such big meal and told me to leave the detention center immediately. They were afraid I would tell others about this. They put poison in my food and tried to kill me. I ate very little, so I didn't die.

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