(Minghui.org) Studying the Fa, cultivating the self, and improving one's moral character are prerequisites for improving ourselves. However, improving one's character does not necessarily mean we will reach a higher realm, because there are tests to pass before we can pass to the next realm.

Master told us,

“They say that this material dimension is filthy, but, this dimension's filthiness is caused by the differences among the levels of the cosmos's structure. That doesn't truly count as being filthy. So when a God comes here and can't go back, it's not because that filth can't be washed off, but because the realm of his being has been lowered. It's because of the influence of various different concepts and different beings in the cosmos that they can't go back.” (“Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Midwest-U.S. Fa Conference”)

I believe that raising one’s level entails enduring on a lot of hardship. Beings in higher realms judge us and prevent us from rising to their realm if our standard does not reach the standard of that realm. There are tribulations and tests level after level, which prevent beings in lower realms from elevating.

Because of Master's boundless compassion, no beings in the cosmos dare to prevent us from rising in levels if our moral character is in line with the Fa.

We talk to people about the persecution to help them understand and assimilate to the Fa. It's essentially lifting them to higher realms, too.

I saw, in another dimension, a group of beings facing a test before their realms could be upgraded. This test seemed to be very easy to pass, but a giant being as tall as a skyscraper was guarding the entrance to that realm. The group of beings could not see the giant and could not find out how to improve in their cultivation.

Eventually they looked inward, and strengthened their faith in Master and Dafa. With Master’s help, they worked together, passed the test, and were able to rise to a higher realm.

A strong belief in Dafa is the key for the salvation of sentient beings.