(Minghui.org) Tang Baohhua, a Fangshan District Brainwashing Center employee collapsed during a brainwashing class on August 27, 2015. He was dead of a heart attack by the time he arrived at the hospital.

Seven instructors, among them Tang, were assigned to brainwash Falun Gong practitioner Shi Delong. Tang’s lecture lasted five minutes before his heart attack. After Guo Zhigui, head of the brainwashing center, and his staff witnessed Tang's death, they were too frightened to continue with the classes. The brainwashing center was closed.

Brainwashing centers are among the persecutory methods used against practitioners since 1999. Oftentimes, after a practitioner had served his term at a prison or labor camp, he was transferred to the center for brainwashing. The centers were established to “transform” practitioners.

What Goes Around Comes Around

The Fangshan Brainwashing Center is responsible for a number of practitioners' deaths. Ms. Ma Lianhu, a 68-year-old practitioner, was one of the deaths. She passed away in June 2008.

Brainwashing Center head Guo Zhigui’s wife was diagnosed with breast cancer after her husband accepted the job a few years ago. Guo Zhigui was hired by the 610 Office to run the center and was a disagreeable person who gave practitioners a hard time.

Sun Baoyan, in her 60’s, was an employee who actively persecuted practitioners. She suffered a cerebral hemorrhage in October 2014, and is disabled.

Zhang Yuling, a former practitioner, who assisted in persecuting practitioners, suffered a stroke and became disabled.

What goes around comes around. We hope that all those who follow the Chinese Communist Party in its persecution of Dafa, will stop doing so before it’s too late.