(Minghui.org) My father was labeled a “counter-revolutionary” and imprisoned during the Cultural Revolution. My entire family was persecuted and taken to a farming village in Hebei Province. We lived there for over 10 years and survived on wild vegetables and tree bark. We suffered tremendously. This went on until my father was exonerated and released from prison.

Transformation of My Eldest Brother's Family

My parents were Buddhists and we were raised to be compassionate. But one of my sister-in-laws did not get along with our family and often fought with us.

My sister-in-law was diagnosed with a thyroid disease more than 10 years ago, and she had a large tumor growing in her neck. When qigong became popular in China in 1993, my sister-in-law practiced a particular qigong for about two years, but her health did not improve.

One of her friends who was diagnosed with late-stage liver failure practiced Falun Dafa. She told my sister-in-law after she had practiced Falun Dafa for about a month that it was a wonderful practice. Her face was rosy and glowing with health. She wanted my sister-in-law to practice Dafa too.

My sister-in-law was afraid of being deceived, so she told her husband to try out the practice. My brother was battling Meniere's disease at the time. He had tried different treatments and his disease was in an advanced stage. He decided to practice Falun Dafa for his wife's sake. Within a very short time, he became healthy. After my sister-in-law began to practice Falun Dafa, her character improved and she got along better with everyone. This incident had a profound impact on me.

When my sister-in-law and I were shopping, she suddenly felt an itch in her throat. She coughed and a small piece of flesh, the size of a peanut, flew out of her mouth. She took that piece of flesh to the hospital, and was told that it was a tumor. She no longer had thyroid problems and became healthy.

When their son and daughter saw the dramatic change in their parents, they both began to practice Falun Dafa. The son had ruptured his eardrum during a fight with some other students, and was deaf in that ear. During the 1993 Beijing Oriental Health Expo, Master Li Hongzhi (the founder of Falun Dafa) cured his deafness.

Hunched Back Becomes Straight

My brother and sister-in-law took our mother to the first Falun Dafa seminar in Tianjin in January 1994. My mother was already 73 years old. Her back was bent over badly, at a 90 degree angle, and she could not hold up her head and neck. She had lost hope of ever becoming well.

Master Li Hongzhi gave a lecture. My mother, who was deaf, could not hear anything and she became very anxious. Master Li said, “Some people can't hear, so now I'll let them hear.” With that comment my mother could suddenly hear again.

She then felt as if she had grown taller, so she asked my brother if he had seen anything unusual about her. My brother replied, “You haven't grown taller, but you no longer have a hunched back.”

My mother also felt as if she was again 38 years old and experienced a body free of illness.

Not long after, my mom's white hair turned black. She attended two more seminars. She even went to the Changchun seminar. When the seminar started, everyone waited along the path that Master would take. My mother stood on the side, but Master appeared in front of her, and with one palm held in front of his chest he said, “We are here because of our predestined relationship.”

No Donations

When my younger brother saw my mother's extraordinary health changes, he also did the Falun Dafa exercises. Immediately, he felt the Falun (law wheel) rotating in his lower abdomen. He told me what the Falun looked like, and drew a picture of it. He also urged our sister to practice Falun Dafa.

My sister is a survivor of the 1976 Tangshan earthquake. She sustained fractures of three vertebrae in her lumbar spine, as well as a fractured hip and pelvis. The muscles in her right leg were shriveled and useless. She could not control her bowels, and suffered from post-concussion syndrome and heart disease. She expected not to live long and asked me to be her daughter's guardian.

When our brother urged her to practice Falun Dafa, she replied, “I'm already near death's door, what's the point in practicing?” However my family played the exercise tape for her. Then, she went to the hospital for a checkup and was told that she no longer had cancer. All she had done was watch the exercise tape once! She decided to cultivate in Falun Dafa.

My sister and one of my brothers went to Master's seminar in Shijiazhuang City in March 1994. During the seminar, when my sister was doing the Falun Standing Stance exercise, a thick pillar appeared between her arms. When she asked Master about it, Master told her that it was a pillar-shaped Falun.

Upon returning home, my sister threw all her medication into the trash. She also took off her glasses, and she had perfect eyesight. After half a year of cultivating, my sister's illnesses had disappeared.

To thank Master, she donated 500 yuan to the local Falun Dafa practice site, but some days later she received a refund with a message, “Many thanks, Falun Dafa.” Falun Dafa selflessly saves people from hardship and suffering, yet it does not want remunerations or donations. This won our family's profound respect.

My sister had polio as a child, which affected her right leg. She could not move her leg from side to side. It was impossible for her to sit in the full lotus position. However after an arduous process, she could sit in the full lotus position. No one could tell that her leg was once paralyzed.

Ready to Attend Master's Seminar

Despite witnessing the miraculous changes in my relatives, not once did I feel motivated to cultivate. My third brother, who had cultivated Pureland Buddhism for many years, also could not accept Falun Dafa.

One day, my managing director asked me to doctor the accounting books and help him embezzle money. When I refused, he slapped me twice. At that point I lost control of my emotions because my life's tribulations had built up to a critical point. I picked up all the auto parts beside me and hurled them one by one at my manager. If one of those heavy metal parts had hit him, he might have been seriously injured or even killed.

Just when I was about to really harm someone, I vomited and fainted. By the time I regained consciousness, it was almost dark. When I got home, I thought of suicide, yet I could not give up my parents or my daughter.

Just as I was nursing an agonizing headache, my sister-in-law asked me to help her prepare breakfast. We had many guests who had come to attend Master Li's Falun Dafa seminar in Beijing's Public Security University for the Good Samaritan Foundation. I suddenly wanted to attend Master Li's seminar.

Making the Most of an Opportunity

When I saw Master walk onstage, the pain in my body immediately disappeared. I found Master strangely familiar, as if I had met him before. The more Master talked, the more I wanted to listen. This isn't a qigong master, I thought, this is a divine being who has come to offer salvation to humankind. I was afraid of losing out on this opportunity.

Master donated all of the seminar's proceeds, 65,000 yuan, to the Good Samaritan Foundation.

Early the next morning, I went with my sister-in-law to the park for morning exercises. When I closed my eyes, I saw that the entire exercise site was red, and there were Faluns of various colors everywhere. When holding a Falun, I saw small Faluns spinning on each finger of my left hand, and a large string of Faluns extending from my left arm down to my left side and leg. They were helping me adjust my body, as the left side of my body had been numb for a long time.

When it came to the fifth exercise, I could not sit in the full lotus position. I could not maintain the half-lotus position for more than two minutes. I gritted my teeth, but I could not remain tranquil. Eventually, some practitioners told me to silently call to Master for help. I called out to Master three times and he appeared every time and taught me the exercises.

Extraordinary Experiences

When my third brother saw that even I, the most stubborn person in the family, had become a Dafa practitioner, he decided to go with us to Jinan, maintaining a “let's try and see” attitude. We all attended the second Falun Dafa seminar in Jinan in June 1994.

At the beginning of the seminar, I saw my third brother sit in the position of his original practice, listening to Master lecture with his eyes closed. Just then Master said, “Some lay Buddhists have come as well, harboring a 'let's try-and-see' attitude. You will not obtain anything. Even professional monks today have difficulty finding salvation, let alone an amateur Buddhist like you...” My third brother's eyes flew open in shock. He changed his position and then sincerely and earnestly listened to the lecture. This brother decided to practice Falun Dafa, despite many lay Buddhists trying to change his mind later.

Each day I arrived early in the lecture hall to do the exercises. When I practiced the Falun Standing Stance, I held my arms up until they were very sore and my legs were shaking with fatigue. Yet, my mind was not idle: “My manager is so terrible, now that I've started practicing Falun Dafa...” Then, I realized that Master had cited this very example in his lectures before. How did Master know what I was thinking? I was very puzzled. Then my classmate told me, “While you practiced the Falun Standing Stance, Master walked past you.” A veteran practitioner said, “Master knows everything...”

I was fortunate enough to attend Master's seminar in Harbin in August 1994.

During the Harbin seminar, one person said to Master that he had met Master some time ago. Master replied, “That's right, some people have met me decades ago.” This sentence immediately unlocked my memory. During the Harbin seminar, I also attended Master's Fa lecture. While listening to Master lecture, I suddenly saw that Master was the giant Buddha I had seen as a child. The giant Buddha had been as tall as the sky.

Good and Bad Arises from a Single Thought

During the Jinan seminar, three of us were crossing a road when the green light at the traffic light turned red. The veteran practitioner said, “Make the cars stop.” As I had just started, I didn't think that I had any supernormal abilities, so I casually shouted out, “Stop!” Lo and behold, the cars stopped. I was not convinced and thought it was a coincidence, so I shouted “stop” again. This time I stopped four cars at once, and the three of us crossed the road.

Just then I realized that I had supernormal abilities, but by using them, wasn't I disrupting the state of ordinary human society? I became afraid and said out loud, “This is awful, we've done something bad.”

We got onto a public bus, and not long after the bus drove off, a motorcyclist suddenly tipped over in front of the bus. The bus driver immediately jammed the brakes and swerved out of the way. All the passengers were fine except for the three of us.

The veteran practitioner immediately realized she had done something wrong. As she rubbed the swelling on her head, she said, “I've done something wrong. I am a veteran practitioner, yet I've led you two new practitioners to do bad things. I've been punished.” Strangely enough, as she repented and rubbed her head, the swelling disappeared.