(Minghui.org) As I understand it, many of the criminal complaints against Jiang Zemin mailed after June 30 have been held at the Beijing Mail Processing Center. Some have not even left local post offices.

Some practitioners were reported to the police for filing lawsuits and arrested.

Suing Jiang is a sign of cosmic changes and conforms to human laws, so this should be smooth sailing. Why are such obstacles coming up?

Initially, I thought certain practitioners were afraid or had attachments, and the old forces took advantage of their gaps to create interference. Later on, I thought perhaps the principle of mutual generation and mutual inhibition was at play.

Master has often mentioned that beings in the old cosmos take this principle absolutely.

This rule is especially prominent in the human world. When one does a good deed, an equally great obstruction would appear.

Bringing Jiang to justice is an opportunity for every Dafa disciple to establish their mighty virtue, but old forces will use mutual generation and mutual inhibition to manipulate Jiang's remaining allies to create obstacles and persecute practitioners.

To them, suing Jiang is a good thing. This is heaven's will, but to succeed, practitioners must go through hardship of equal magnitude.

Master also told us that he opposes everything arranged by the old forces and we should deny such arrangements. Mutual generation and mutual inhibition does exist in the human world, but it is now the period of Fa-rectification. This is a special time, and saving people is of utmost importance. No being should use this principle to stop Jiang from being brought to justice.

Master has affirmed that suing Jiang is right. Through prosecuting Jiang, Dafa disciples take a step forward in their personal cultivation, and sentient beings are saved. This is an important part of Fa-rectification, so how can we allow the principles of the old cosmos to direct this?

As disciples, we should do what Master wants us to do. We should not allow mutual generation and inhibition to create interference in prosecuting Jiang.

These are just my thoughts. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.