(Minghui.org) My husband complained of heart problems during the 2013 Chinese New Year, a problem he has had for several years and he looked very pale. He even had to ask people near him to call for an ambulance.

Because of the medication his face became swollen and his condition worsened.

The doctor told him that he could no longer take any medication, because it had poisoned him.

He had to stop for a breather after a few steps and needed to rest during a meal. He often secretly wept and worried that his lifespan would be short.

After I watched him for a while, I asked him if he would practice Dafa with me and he agreed.

He single crossed his legs, conjoined his hands and listened to the audio teachings of Dafa's founder, called Master by practitioners.

After he listened several times he smiled, said that all he hears makes sense and wondered why he did not start to practice earlier.

He did not take any medication and yet he did not fall ill. He could go for a walk, his complexion became rosy and he was energetic.

He went back to work, was assigned a procurement job and purchased the goods at a much lower price.

His boss often said that if his company had another person like my husband, he would be very satisfied.

If more people come to practice Dafa, there would be more good, kind and healthy people. Society would be stable and people would feel less insecure. Human beings would hold hope if they were good people.