(Minghui.org) There was a man called Zhong Mou during the Eastern Han Dynasty. He grew up poor, and farmed in order to support his brother and sister-in-law.

He loved to read in his spare time, and eventually became a learned man. Because of his outstanding noble character, he was recommended for the position of Xindu County Magistrate.

As magistrate, he ruled fairly and took every opportunity to teach people how to improve their character. Many people liked his policy, and eventually began to move to his county. As a result, the population of Xindu county tripled within three years.

Zhong Mou was later promoted to Prefecture Chief of Zhangye during a famine. Seeing the people's pain, he immediately ordered the government's own food stock to be distributed to the people. However, some officials were worried that they would be blamed for digging into the government's own pockets. They planned to report Zhong Mou.

“But if we wait for their approval, more people will die while we wait. I'm willing to take all the blame for this if it means saving lives,” replied Zhong Mou.

Eventually, news of Zhong Mou's actions reached Emperor Shun, and the emperor personally commended Zhong Mou for saving lives. One year later, his prefecture had a good harvest, and the granaries of the government were refilled. Robbery and theft also completely disappeared in his prefecture.

Zhong Mou was later positioned as a military officer at the country's border. All people admired his virtue, and lived peacefully. He became a shining example of how steadfast virtue can change people's hearts.


The 66th Biography of Upright Officials, Volume 76, Book of the Later Han