(Minghui.org) Loyalty and virtue were highly respected in ancient China. Arranged marriages were commonplace. Below is a true story on the subject of remaining faithful, that has been passed down to today.

There was once a family who lived in Fuzhou City in southern China. This family arranged for their son to marry a girl from another family. The girl however, later had a stroke and seemed unable to recover.

While the son's father wanted to cancel the engagement, the mother was strongly against the cancellation saying: “Marriage comes from a predestined relationship and we can't meddle with that. If our family acts upon conscience and follows fate, we will be blessed.”

The wedding was held as scheduled. The next year, the groom was appointed to be a government officer due to his academic excellence. His wife also miraculously recovered from the stroke. The couple later had three sons, all of whom were appointed high-ranking officials after they grew up.