(Minghui.org) Two other practitioners and I went to the post office to mail our documents to sue former Chinese leader Jiang Zemin on June 25.

When we arrived, seven or eight practitioners were already there. While I was helping one of them complete the address after I finished mine, the postal worker said that they would not handle our mail.

He even opened my sealed envelope and handed the documents back to me. When they saw this, several practitioners left without mailing their own letters.

Yet, three of us exchanged our thoughts and decided that we should not give up so easily. Wherever we see a problem, we should clarify the facts to people. We are at a critical stage of suing Jiang to end the persecution.

We went to the counter and asked why they would not accept our mail. The assistant asked us to go to see his manager on the 4th floor.

When we saw a staff member on the corridor on the 4th floor, he asked us why we wanted to see the manager and demanded we show him the documents we wanted to mail.

“These are letters to the Supreme Court,” I said. “We can't show them to just anyone.” He did not insist on reading them and called the manager.

We told the manager that the assistant at the counter refused to accept our mail. She basically said that they would accept any mail as long as the goods were not explosive or dangerous.

I asked her to phone the assistant downstairs and tell him, and we returned to the counter to complete our transaction.

Rights Versus Salvation

Looking back at the incident, we found our shortcomings: First we still had fear in our hearts and gave up too easily as soon as we encountered interference. Second, we have insufficient knowledge of the laws.

Thus, it seems that we have to be more clear on the following points:

1. Citizens have the right to freely communicate. This right should not be violated. Postal workers have no right to refuse to mail our documents as long as the content is not forbidden by law.

2. The documents we send to the Supreme People's Procuratorate and Supreme Court are confidential documents. Post office staff members have no right to check the contents.

3. No one has the right to decide for us who we can and cannot sue. According to the law, only the courts can decide whether or not we can move forward with lawsuits.

4. Postal employees violate our right to freedom of correspondence, complaint, and appeal if they do not accept our mail. They impede effective supervision of law enforcement agencies by doing so.

However, this then begs the question: If we give up so easily with the things that we are absolutely supposed to do, how can we stop the persecution?