(Minghui.org) Miao Cai was indebted to Mr. Yuan Zishi but kept doing bad things to Mr. Yuan, who grew resentful.

As time passed, Mr. Yuan became so indignant that he decided to kill Miao Cai.

On his way to Miao Cai's home, Mr. Yuan passed the temple, which was looked after by Mr. Xuanyuan, a very wise man.

As Mr. Xuanyuan chanted scriptures early that morning, he saw Mr. Yuan walking by the temple and noticed that he had the look of evil intent.

Later, Mr. Xuanyuan saw Mr. Yuan walking by the temple in the other direction and was amazed that he looked almost like a different person.

Mr. Xuanyuan stopped Mr. Yuan and asked him what had happened.

Mr. Yuan said, “I really hated Miao. He disappointed me, and I wanted to kill him. But when I reached his home, I thought, 'Although he has disappointed me, what has his wife done? Besides, he still has an elderly mother. If I kill him, isn’t it just like killing his entire family?’ I changed my mind and am returning home.”

Mr. Xuanyuan told Mr. Yuan what he had enlightened to: “When an evil thought arises in one’s mind, evil is bound to follow. When one has a compassionate thought in mind, there is goodness and blessings.”

Mr. Yuan Zishi continued to accumulate merit and virtue and strove for goodness. Later on, he indeed achieved success and became the chief official of Lushan County. In time, he became a high-ranking official at the national level.

Mr. Miao Cai, on the other hand, became depressed and died young.

(Source: Compilation of Response)