(Minghui.org) Over the years Master has repeatedly spoken of prohibiting fund raising, but it nonetheless occurred from time to time among practitioners. One recent example was to establish a university operated by practitioners, in which many wealthy practitioners in Mainland China were contacted and asked for financial support. This has created confusion among practitioners and it has violated Master's teachings.

Here we would like to remind all practitioners again. Whether you have contacted others, have been contacted, or heard about this, please pay attention to your own cultivation, through solid Fa-study and following Fa principles. We should put an end to initiating, participating, or getting involved, either voluntarily or unwittingly, in fund raising among practitioners.

Only by solidly cultivating ourselves could we do well the projects we are responsible for. When acting upon human notions and violating Fa principles, the results will be against our will. In addition, it will create interference for other practitioners and leave loopholes for some ill-minded people to cause further damage.

Minghui Editorial Board
August 17, 2015