(Minghui.org) I have practiced Falun Dafa for over two years. I dare not let up for even a moment, because I've realized that Master has extended my life so that I can cultivate and clarify the truth about Dafa.

Every day I study the Fa, do the exercises, send righteous thoughts, and make phone calls to people in China until late in the evening. I've realized that whether or not the person answers my call, as long as the phone rings, the sound eliminates evil in another dimension.

Anger Signals an Attachment

After I told a fellow practitioner that I had cast off one attachment, she said that was good but that I had another attachment. She said that I needed to change my notion about having a hearing problem, because Master had cleaned out everything that affected my hearing.

She talked about the hearing problem notion to me several times. I told her that she didn't have this problem, so it was easy for her to talk about it rather than help me remove the attachment.

After I hung up the phone, I was angry. Later I realized that being angry was not right. This is not how one should cultivate. Regardless of whether what the practitioner said was right or wrong, I should not feel this way. Why was I so mad?

Master said,

“And why do I say that? You know, with cultivators, the following is often said: only when you have an attachment will you be affected inside; if you don’t have an attachment, it will be like a breeze passing over you—you won’t feel a thing. If you hear someone say that you want to commit some horrible crime, you’ll just find it amusing. (Master laughs) You will think, 'How could that be possible?' and will laugh it off. You won’t take it seriously at all. Since you don’t even have that thought, those words can’t touch you. If you don’t have that kind of thought, they can’t touch you. When you are affected inside, that means you do have [an attachment]! And if you really feel strongly that you have been treated unjustly, then [your attachment] is rather large. (Applause) So shouldn’t you cultivate yourself?” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference”)

Master’s Fa opened my mind and touched my heart. Since I was angry about the situation, there was indeed an attachment that needed to be cast off.

Looking Within Is a Magic Tool

That was an attachment, so I immediately looked within. I found not just one, but lots of human attachments, such as competitiveness, suspiciousness, showing off, believing that I was right all the time, and unhappiness whenever I felt challenged by others. No wonder my righteous thoughts disappeared with so many bad notions. It was clear to me that Master had given me hints so I could let go of these attachments.

I went out the next day and again felt something attack me. When this happened, I used to feel stressed or uncomfortable, as if something bad was attacking my brain.

This time, I did not feel nervous. I told myself that I just needed to change my notions, that Master would take care of me, and that I would be all right. I did not give it a second thought and soon forgot about it.

My fellow practitioner asked me to change my notion about hearing again that afternoon. I did not enlighten to it at that time and even talked back to her. Now I realize that Master used this practitioner to give me hints about notions I had to relinquish.

I was not only insulting the practitioner but also Master when I took that combative attitude, and I felt very bad.

“Master, I am very sorry,” I said to myself. “I did not realize what I was doing and I was rude to you. Please forgive me.”

Tears covered my face. When I next I did the sitting meditation, my legs didn't hurt because I had let go of attachments.

Master has arranged the best cultivation path for me. In the future I won’t do whatever I want. I will listen to Master and do everything that Master asks of his practitioners: study the Fa diligently, send righteous thoughts, and tell people about Dafa. I want to be a true Dafa disciple of the Fa-rectification period.