(Minghui.org) Dong Feng was a skilled doctor who practiced Daoist medicine during the period of the Jin Dynasty (265 - 420 AD) in Lushan.

He did not charge his patients for his consultation. Instead, he asked those who were cured of serious illnesses to plant five apricot trees and those cured of mild ailments one apricot tree.

After a few years, the place became a large apricot forest. He built a rice granary when the apricots ripened. And he let people take the apricots as long as they gave him an equal amount of rice.

Sometimes, people brought a small amount of rice but took a lot more apricots. Then, tigers chased these greedy people.

Dong gave the rice to the poverty-stricken, or others that were in need of it. Each year, he gave away 180,000 pounds of rice, and still had plenty left over.

One day, heaven bestowed Dong Feng with the honorary title “Bixu Taiyi True Being.”

He left the everyday peoples world and levitated in broad daylight.

Later generations built a shrine to pay their respect in the apricot forest.

Source: The Old Eight Virtues Book