(Minghui.org) During the recent efforts to bring former dictator Jiang Zemin to justice for persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners, we have asked the public to sign a petition to sue Jiang. We received very positive responses from the public.

Below are a few examples of their responses.

Thank You

One middle-aged man said to us after he signed his name, “Thank you for taking the risk to come over and ask us to sign our names.”

One practitioner approached a person selling watermelons. This person looked at the petition form and said, “I always waited for the day to put Jiang Zemin on trial. I want to sign my name and put my fingerprint.”

Primary Culprit in Corruption

The manager of an air-conditioning store held some strong views regarding Jiang. "I fully agree with putting Jiang Zemin on public trial,” he said. “He is the primary culprit who caused the corruption in society. During his regime, pornography, gambling, and drugs flooded the country. All levels of officials became very corrupt, and hooligans became village officials. And people can pay money to buy official positions in the government, which has caused endless disasters for Chinese society."

One business owner who sells sesame paste signed the petition form and put his fingerprint. “The society is in chaos today, and all this is caused by Jiang,” he said. “Jiang should have been arrested long ago. There are no officials who are not corrupt, and the thieves are all over the place.”

The owner told me a story about how one time his stuff was stolen, which he reported to the police, but the police did not pursue the thief. “If everyone can be like Falun Gong practitioners and follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, society will be a much better place!" he added.

Jiang Zemin Is a Traitor

Once, at a wedding, I met a few officials from the real estate bureau, and we talked about Jiang Zemin. The leader of the bureau said, “Do you know about Jiang Zemin's past? His father was a traitor and a puppet for the Japanese when they invaded China, so Jiang was also a traitor.”

"He was also a Russian spy and China's traitor,” another person added. “He gave a lot of land in northern China to Russia, which we could have gotten back. I heard the land is full of oil and natural gas, as well natural ranches."

Jiang Killed Many Good People

One farmer saw the petition form. “I applaud putting Jiang on public trial.” he said. “This bad guy harvested organs from live Falun Gong practitioners. Jiang specifically persecuted good people and should have been arrested long ago. Finally, he is about to receive retribution.”

An older gentleman in the park felt a similar way. “Since Jiang took power,” he said, “he did not do anything good at all; he just harmed the country and the people. We need to arrest Jiang and put him on trial. When that day comes, I will celebrate on the street by playing my drum.”

An elderly woman sitting outside near the street asked practitioners to sign her name for her when she heard about the petition to put Jiang on trial. She also put her fingerprint on the form and said, “Jiang killed many good people. I really hate him.”

We encountered many such examples when we collected signatures. Many people already know the evil nature of the Chinese Communist Party and the crimes it has committed as well as of Jiang’s crime of persecuting Falun Dafa and harming the country.

They all hope that the day for putting Jiang on public trial globally will come as soon as possible.