(Minghui.org) I suddenly developed symptoms of a stroke in the middle of July 2013. I had headaches, was incontinent, and half of my body was paralyzed. I lost control of my hands and feet and developed a lisp. I felt I could die at any moment.

I was immediately taken to the hospital. I had bleeding in the brain, and the doctor decided they would open my skull to relieve the pressure.

All my children came to the hospital. My two daughters practice Falun Dafa. They told me to recite, “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.”

“Master Li (the founder of Falun Dafa) will save you,” they said. I saw a ray of hope, so I sincerely recited it all the time, and my symptoms gradually eased.

Just before I was to have surgery, the doctors discovered that my blood platelet count was only 40 thousand when it should be about 130 thousand. So the surgery was postponed, and I was given medicine to increase my platelets. However, after over 10 days in the hospital, my platelets had only increased by 30 thousand, which was still not enough.

The doctor released me and said to come back when my platelet count improved. Nevertheless, during that time, my symptoms eased a lot. I could slowly walk by myself. I could also eat and speak clearly. I know Master protected me. I am so grateful to Master!

Defying the Laws of Medicine

My children asked the director of medicine at the hospital if it was possible for the brain to re-absorb blood by itself. “It's impossible!” he answered. “Maybe for a younger person, but your father is over 80. Impossible! Just bring him back for the surgery when he's ready.”

After I got home, my daughter gave me Master's exercise instruction video and the book Zhuan Falun. So I studied the Fa and practiced the exercises eagerly. I really loved reading Zhuan Falun, and my health improved day by day. I was completely recovered one month after the onset of the stroke.

At the urging of my son, I went to the hospital for another exam. The doctor was shocked when he compared my new CT scan with the original. “Is this yours?” He was very surprised. “How could it be possible?! Your brain absorbed the blood, and the brain grew back to normal size. Incredible!”

He called on  other doctors to confer. Many noted that it was indeed strange. “Miraculous!” others said. “You have completely recovered.” I know Master saved me!

By the middle of September, I was so thirsty that I had to drink a large pitcher of water every day. I felt very tired, so my son-in-law came to visit me and checked my blood sugar level. I then went to hospital for a check up. I was admitted to the hospital when my blood sugar level was eight times what it should be.

I thought it was really strange. How could I have gotten such severe diabetes? My daughters told me that it was an illusion to help me remove my attachment to sweets. 

Yes, I really loved sweets and ate a lot of them every day! Although I knew I had gained the Fa and that Master protected me, the notion of diabetes scared me, and I could not calm down.

I returned home after a nine-day hospital stay. My son brought a blood pressure meter and a blood sugar meter home, and I took measurements and injected insulin every day. I regarded myself as a patient who needed to take medicine. However, the blood pressure meter and blood sugar meter did not work at all. When I injected myself, the insulin would flow out after the needle was pulled out. But I did not enlighten to it and thought I might have pulled the needle out too fast. So I once let the needle stay in my body for 20 minutes before I pulled it out, but the insulin still seeped out.

“Dad, you still haven't enlightened to it,” my daughter told me.” “Master takes care of your body. Your body is rejecting the harm from the medicine. Master said this clearly in Zhuan Falun. You should study the Fa better.”

Master indeed taught:

“One of our students went to the hospital and had several syringe needles bend on him, and the last vial even squirted out, but the needle still couldn't go in.” (Zhuan Falun)

I felt so ashamed. I was behaving exactly like the person that Master was talking about. Why didn't I enlighten to it! It was because I had not believed in Master and the Fa. So I gave up all the drugs without any hesitation. Since then I have really walked on the cultivation path Master planned for me.

Continuous Improvement

I study the Fa and do the exercises every day, examine myself, and improve my xinxing level. Master is always by my side, cleansing my body and opening my celestial eye. I am over 80 years old yet Master still saved me. My extended life is for me to cultivate, so I will live up to Master's standard. I cannot slack off.

My daughter told me, “Dad, you are very diligent and cultivate better than us. We are very lazy compared to you.”

I am very healthy now, and all of my diseases are gone. And in just one short year, I grew back a lot of black hair. Now, nobody thinks I am over 80.

Thank you, Master! I will keep cultivating to consummation and return home.

Please point out anything inappropriate. Thank you, everyone. Heshi.