(Minghui.org) Cultivating in Dafa has brought me many blessings—good health, talent, wisdom, and courage. But the most precious gift of all is compassion. With kindness in my heart, I treat everyone equally.

Every person that I encounter is a predestined sentient being that needs to be saved. I talk to them about Dafa and show them kindness, hoping to inspire the goodness and righteousness inherent in them. Through my behavior, those I come into contact with—family, friends, customers, acquaintances, even strangers—have witnessed the compassion of a Dafa cultivator.


In raising my children, I try to be patient and respectful. I reason with them instead of making demands, and give examples of what's good and what's bad. They grew up to be very respectful and considerate of others. They are very mature and do not try to take advantage of others.

They do an excellent job at work. When they run into problems, they always come to me for advice. I am slowly guiding them to become cultivators. My friends say that I am good with kids, but it's all because of what Master has taught me.

I have a good reputation in the community for taking care of the elderly members of my family, especially when they were sick and couldn't take care of themselves before they passed away. Friends, family, and even other practitioners don't understand why I spend so much time and effort on them. In today's society, few people think of others—they are only interested in avoiding trouble for themselves.

I explained to them over and over again what wealth really means to me: life, health, friends, family, and--the greatest of all--Dafa. My sincerity eventually changed their attitude. They told their friends about me and that I practice Dafa. I have run into strangers who knew about me and complimented me. I knew it was a form of encouragement from Master.

A month before my father passed away, my stepmother took all of their money and discontinued my father's treatments. She also spread the rumor that my sister and I didn't help take care of our father. When we heard about this, my sister and I went to the hospital to give our stepmother a break.

A reporter happened to be interviewing patients and their families about how people cared for each other in sickness and in health. She stumbled into my father's ward and interviewed me. The footage of the interview was selected and played over and over again on a local television channel. The employees and patients at the hospital swamped my father's ward to chat with us. It was the perfect opportunity to talk to them about Dafa.

My other siblings were touched when they saw the interview. They followed our example and started to treat the older generation better. Actions speak louder than words. I realized that when I cultivate myself well, I am then able to better save sentient beings.


I run a small business right in my home.

When customers come in with a long face, I try to cheer them up and help them focus on the bright side of life. Their frowns eventually disappear. Because of my sincerity and kindness, they open up to me and feel comfortable around me. Even the elderly like to visit and chat with me.

I am considerate of my customers and have won their trust with integrity and quality service sustained over time. Many of my loyal customers come from a long way away, and my business has grown. I always ask my customers to leave their contact information so that I can tell them about Dafa when the opportunity arises.

At the Detention Center

While I was detained for appealing for the release of a practitioner, I gained the trust of the inmates. When one inmate had a birthday, instead of giving her a gift, I made her a cake with a smiley face. She was really happy and said, “Dafa practitioners are so talented.” A criminal inmate spoon fed me canned peach slices when I was extremely weak. Another inmate gave me three pieces of candy every day.

When I was released, I left them all my belongings. A young inmate who had not quit the Party gave me a big a hug and said, “Auntie, I quit the Party. I quit.” Another inmate asked for my hair tie. I gave it to her and asked, “What do you say?” She said, “Falun Dafa is good.”

When I stepped out the door, everyone applauded. I saw hope in their eyes. I realized my responsibilities to fellow practitioners and sentient beings.Helping People in Need

Nobody likes to lend money in this day and age, because few people are trustworthy. However, it is known that I will help when someone has trouble either paying tuition for their children to attend school or putting food on the table.

One of my co-workers couldn't afford to pay for her child's room and board at college. She came to me after several others had refused to extend her a loan. When I gave her the money, she wanted to give me a receipt. I said, “No need. I trust you.”

She was very touched. In fact, she had helped my supervisor monitor me a few years back because I practiced Falun Gong. I told her about the practice in depth and helped her quit the Party. When her child came home for Chinese New Year, they visited me and brought me a nice gift to show their gratitude.

A single mom who sells tofu for a living couldn't afford the tuition for her two daughters to attend school. I helped them and told them the facts about Dafa. They told all of their friends and family that Falun Dafa is good, which, in turn, brought them blessings. They later moved to a different city and their lives improved dramatically.

Her daughters still call me sometimes and thank me for helping them through the difficult times. When I asked them, “Do you know whom to thank?” they told me that they often recite, “Falun Dafa is good.” I always tell them to be kind and help others in need.

I once ran into a man who asked me for six yuan. He said he had come a long way to look for his child and couldn't afford transportation to get back home. I told him I didn't know whether he was telling the truth or not, but I was sure that we were predestined to meet. I gave him ten yuan and told him to remember, “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” He kept thanking me and told me that he would tell his entire family to recite these words.

I feel that compassion has expanded my heart's ability to endure and be understanding of others, and I feel at peace. I also understand my responsibilities in cultivating well, validating the Fa, and saving sentient beings. Though the path is narrow, it has been a smooth ride so far. I will follow the path Master has arranged for me in the remaining time.