(Minghui.org) I will always remember the day when I first met Master.

In January 1996, I went to help out when the hardcopy edition of Zhuan Falun was released at Tsinghua University. Before the meeting started, I was excited to hear that Master would be attending the event.

Watching Master giving a lecture on the stage reminded me of the Fa lecture videos. I still remember a lot of what Master said. What left a deep impression on me was when, in the middle of the question and answer session, one of the event coordinators told us to stop asking questions because Master had been talking for a long time and had other events to attend. However, Master simply told us to continue.

At the end, a student from Peking University stood up and asked to take a photo with Master. She said that the picture would help her go through all difficulties she might encounter in the future. Master replied gently that he normally does not take photos with individuals because he didn't want anyone to show off. However, he asked if he should take one with her just this once. The girl immediately ran up to the stage and stood beside Master. Several other practitioners also joined. Thus, the first picture of that day was taken.

Another event coordinator asked all of the university practitioners to go outside, where we lined up for a group photo. When Master came out, the coordinator asked if he would be part of the photo. Master agreed without hesitation and asked where he should stand. The coordinator invited Master to stand in the middle.

After that, practitioners still surrounded Master to ask questions. I still remember what Master said to our Tsinghua practitioners.

At that time, I felt that Master was very tall. Even though I was used to tall people, I still felt Master was different; he was half a head higher than everyone. Later, in 2005, when I was detained at Dongcheng Detention Center for practicing Dafa, I met a practitioner from New Zealand. She told me that even though Master's height never changed, no matter where he was, he somehow always appeared higher than everyone else.

When Master was about to leave, the girl from Peking University continued to follow him. She said, “I want to go with Master.” Master answered gently and patiently, “If you cultivate well, you can see me every day.” I didn't try to crowd around Master as some other practitioners did. Instead, I stood far away and looked at Master quietly.

Finding Dafa

My life was very smooth since I was born. I was cherished by my parents, I graduated from a top high school and was accepted by China's top university, and I was even accepted to graduate school without any exams. However, I always felt that a life pursuing fame and money was empty. I want to know the purpose of life and how we should live.

I read many tragic stories in books, journals and magazines, and worried about those people, wondering how they could escape their desperation.

My life changed on June 8, 1995, when I saw a poster introducing Falun Dafa. I was immediately drawn by the eight features of Falun Dafa. After I took up the practice, I understood that all the problems I had wondered about can be solved by Dafa.

I started recommending Dafa to others, especially those who had health issues. Gradually, my friends and family started practicing Dafa, too.