(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Gong (also known as Falun Dafa) in 1998, but stopped when the persecution began the following year. My old health problems resurfaced, and I became a hospital regular again.

As I struggled to cope with the relapse of my symptoms, a doctor suggested that I try Falun Gong. I heeded his advice and resumed the practice in 2000. Since then I've never skipped even one day reading Falun Gong books or doing Falun Gong exercises, no matter how busy or difficult my life gets.

I understand that if I do not do the exercises or read the books consistently, I would not have the time to play catch-up later. In my fifteen years and counting of being a cultivator, I've made it a priority to be persistent in my cultivation, and below are a few of my experiences along the way.

Miserable Life

I was born to a poor family in southern China, and I once injured my back badly from chopping wood in my childhood. I'd tried many remedies and herbs, none of which seemed to work. In fact, taking such a large combination of medicines actually caused more harm to my body.

I became so frail that even walking around would hurt. Back then, I thought my life was absolutely miserable.

I eventually got married and moved to the city. But my husband soon lost patience with my fragile health and hardly came home. I seriously contemplated suicide many times. My young child was the only thing that kept me from following through with it.

'You Should Practice Falun Gong!'

I was introduced to Dafa just a year before the persecution started, and did the exercises along with fellow practitioners at the group exercise site every morning.

Since I couldn't read – I have less than one year of schooling – I would sit and listen while other practitioners read the Falun Gong books.

Gradually, my diseases and pain disappeared. I became stronger and happier – I became a new person. Seeing my changes, my husband began to be kind to me as well.

But all this came to a halt when the persecution began on July 20, 1999. We lost the open and positive group exercise and study environment. Outside of the group, I did not know how to make contact with other practitioners, and couldn't read Zhuan Falun by myself.

My family environment became more difficult, as my husband was a CCP cadre. Under this influence, I practiced less and less, until I finally stopped completely. This hiatus would continue for one year.

During that one year, the diseases that I had before all came back, and I had to go back to being a hospital regular. After all the medical treatments failed, my doctor pulled me aside one day.

“You should practice Falun Gong!” he said. “Just do it at home privately and nobody will know.”

Awakened by this advice, I began doing the exercises again. I've not had any health problems since then.

Resuming Cultivation

I now knew that a cultivator needed to study the Fa well in order to be diligent. But I couldn't read. I was very anxious and worried.

Seeing my wish, Master mercifully helped me. I soon came across a well-educated practitioner who taught me how to read Zhuan Falun.

Falun Dafa is miraculous! I could soon read all of Zhuan Falun alone, and moved on to the other Dafa books. I could also read Minghui Weekly and Dafa pamphlets. And they've led me to make new breakthroughs in cultivation.

“I can do the exercises calmly when I study the Fa well. It must mean that it's time to raise my xinxing if I can't calm down during the exercises,” I realized one day.

After a standardized global exercise time was announced on Minghui, I have gotten out of bed every morning to do the exercises. Out of respect for Master, I'd do the exercises in the exercise uniforms.

I then send forth righteous thoughts in the full lotus position after the fifth exercise. I also study the Fa in the same position for a while afterwards.

During Fa lectures, Master always dresses neatly and never fans the air in order to cool down. While doing the exercises, I try to do the same. I don't ever use air conditioning, even in the summer. Surprisingly, I don't feel much of a difference anymore.

To be respectful to Master, I always have a calm and clear mind while doing the exercises. When I am calm, I can feel my body growing bigger and taller during the exercises.

Falun Gong Helped Me Overcome Hardships

Earlier this year, my husband suddenly became ill and had to be rushed to the hospital. We eventually rented a house by the hospital in order to better care for him. Despite this change in environment, I have kept up my Fa study and exercises for the few months that he was hospitalized.

The tribulation intensified when my husband suddenly passed away one day when I was out grocery shopping.

This unexpected blow was too big for me to bear. I collapsed immediately and couldn't even get out of bed.

Fortunately, fellow practitioners visited me routinely and shared their cultivation experiences with me. They also studied the Fa with me, helping me quickly realize that I was not alone: I still had Master and fellow practitioners.

I also realized that the things which made me uncomfortable in the ordinary world were my attachments. I got up to do the exercises as usual the next morning, and my peaceful life was quickly restored.

A while later, my father-in-law passed away. As the oldest daughter-in-law, I had to manage his funeral services. I hardly got any sleep during those two days, but I did not feel tired. I still got up on time to practice the exercises even though we stayed in a guest house.

Cultivation is very challenging. But no matter how far it is, I will walk on the right path and never go astray.