(Minghui.org) Over the past few days, I've shown my criminal complaint against Jiang Zemin to several retired government officials in my neighborhood. In my letter, I described in detail the persecution I've endured because I practice Falun Gong. After reading it, they agreed that Jiang should be brought to justice. Here are a few of the things they said to me.

“As Long as I Live, I Will Protect You”

Mr. Song, 61, had tears streaming down his face after reading what I wrote. He said, “I'd heard that you'd been persecuted, but I didn't know the details. After reading your complaint, I had a sharp pain in my chest all day long and couldn't eat or sleep. It just made me want to cry.

“To be honest, I only believed half of what you said before. But this changed my mind completely. I will never forget this day. I believe everything you've written because this is an official legal document that you mailed to the Supreme People's Procuratorate and Supreme Court.

“I cannot give you back what you've lost. But from now on, as long as I live, I will protect you. I will not let you be harassed or tortured. When Jiang Zemin goes on trial, I will go to Beijing with you to witness it. I will help you bring him to justice.”

“I Am Waiting for That Day”

Mr. Zhang, 78, was worried about me after he read my letter. “Look at what you've experienced! So much suffering. I am not sure if the lawsuit against Jiang Zemin will succeed. What if they arrest you again because of your complaint? Do you want to suffer more? When will Jiang be brought to justice?” he sighed.

I told him, “All of my suffering shows just how evil the Party is. I believe that we will succeed, because it is not just me or a few people suing him. Thousands of people all over the world have filed lawsuits against him. His days are numbered.”

“I am waiting for that day,” he said.

“They Should Have Been Arrested a Long Time Ago”

Mr. Ma, 80, came to see me with his wife. He looked serious, “I'd heard about your experiences, but I never imagined the persecution was so severe. That animal is so evil! He should be punished.

“Needless to say, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is about to collapse. But I have a question: Will your complaint really bring him to justice? Will the post office mail it to the Supreme Court for you?”

I told him that what he read was just a copy, that my original complaint had already been mailed.

“Great. As long as the post office mailed it for you, it will work,” he said. “We should file lawsuits against these animals.”

Mr. M.'s wife agreed, “They are so evil. They should have been arrested a long time ago.”

“It Is So Touching”

Mr. Yang, 85, wiped the tears from his eyes and said, “Kid, you've suffered a lot. I didn't know the details, although I'd heard that you were arrested. Jiang Zemin has done so much evil.”

He asked me, “Who wrote the complaint for you? It is so touching that it brought tears to my eyes.”

“I wrote it myself,” I told him. “I am not a good writer, so all I could do was to plainly write down my own experiences.”

He asked, “Did it work? Did the post office mail it for you?”

I told him that the original had already been mailed. He said, “Great. Let's wait for the results.”

“Nobody in China Likes Jiang Zemin”

The first thing Mr. Jiao, 85, said to me after reading my complaint, “You have suffered a lot for your belief! Jiang should be brought to justice. How can the leader of a country treat his people like this?”

“You guys have suffered so much, you should file lawsuits against him. Actually, not only Falun Gong practitioners are against him. Many of my friends who are retired high-ranking officials also dislike him. My friends often say that nobody in China likes him. Everybody criticizes him.”

* * *

I believe that it is time to sue Jiang, who has put himself at odds with the heavens and people in this world. Bringing Jiang to justice will not only restore the reputation of Falun Gong, but will also support the righteous elements in the world.