(Minghui.org) I am 65 years old and have practiced Falun Dafa since July 1995. I sense that the founder of Dafa, whom practitioners call Master, is at my side at all times.

I went out to put up posters with information about Dafa on July 28, 2014, and noticed that someone was following me about 100 meters behind when I had a dozen posters left. I ignored him and thought I would just finish putting up my posters and then go home early. This thought was not good and I ran into a problem.

Just as I was about to put up my last poster, I heard someone shout at me to stop. He was still far away, but I noticed that he was holding a bunch of posters. When he confronted me, I first denied that I had put up the posters, but then changed my mind and told him that I did.

I realized he was a police officer when he told me to go with him. He said that they had looked for me for days, and he was glad he had caught up with me on his way home from work.

He ordered me to follow him to where they could record my information. I told him that I would not tell him anything--I knew that I was doing a good thing to validate Dafa and should not be afraid.

Master said,

“Should you have fear,it will seize upon youIf thoughts are righteous,evil will collapseThe cultivator’s mindis loaded with FaSend righteous thoughts,and rotten demons explodeGods walk the earth,validating the Fa”(“What’s to Fear?” in Hong Yin Vol. II)

Refusing to Be Intimidated

I thought this was a good opportunity to clarify the truth about Dafa to this policeman, so I walked alongside him. I said, “It is time to stop this evil persecution. You should not be involved in persecuting good people.

“People like Zhou Yongkang and Li Dongsheng that actively persecute Falun Dafa have been arrested, sentenced, or are under investigation. Some have committed suicide, and others have encountered a variety of problems. More than 170 million people have already quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and/or its affiliated organizations.

“If you continue to arrest practitioners you will run into trouble, too. If you let me go, you and your family will benefit greatly. If you don’t care about yourself, you should care about your family."

We had already walked past one bus station and were close to my home. I knew that I had to stop or the neighbors might recognize me and he would know where I lived.

I stopped and suggested we go somewhere where we could talk some more. He refused and threatened that he would call for a police car. I told him that he should not do that and that I would not go with him.

He grabbed me, but could not hold onto me. I took about three steps, looked back, and shouted for him not to follow me. I kept walking and told him again not to follow me. I also asked Master not to let this man follow me.

When I looked back again, he was standing there, stock still, as if he was frozen. He attempted to take a step but could not. He stared at me but could not speak. I quickened my pace and left the area.

Master said,

“When disciples have ample righteous thoughtsMaster has the power to turn back the tide”(“The Master-Disciple Bond” in Hong Yin Vol. II)

Thank you, Master.