(Minghui.org) Police officers in Benxi City intimidated residents who signed and put their fingerprints on a petition calling for the release of illegally detained Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Zhao Fugui.

The Political and Legal Affairs Committee where shaken by the large numbers of residents who courageously stood up for Mr. Zhao, and ordered Benxi officers out in force. The police checked almost every household and demanded to know who pressed their fingerprints on the petition.

They took Mr. Zhao's family, including the children, to the police station and demanded that they turn over the original petition. They held everyonein separate rooms and threatened them. Mr. Zhao's 80-year-old father has had a difficult time handling the intense pressure.

Mrs. Zhao appeared listless upon her return from the police station. She did not answer villagers' questions and was in tears.

Expressing Support

Villagers expressed their support for Mr. Zhao's family when they were released. One neighbor said, “Don't cry! We knew your husband from when he was a child. When we told the government that our lands were seized and our water was polluted, nobody paid attention to us. Now they threaten us just because we signed a petition asking for justice for our lad. Isn't it obvious who is righteous and who is evil? If you need signatures again, my entire family will sign!”

Partial list of parties responsible for the persecution of Mr. Zhao Fugui:Shi Fengyou (史凤友), secretary of Benxi City Political and Legal Affairs Committee: +86-24-42890099 (Office), +86-13384249616 (Cell), +86-24-43840310 (Home)Sun Hongfa (孙洪发), deputy secretary of Benxi City Political and Legal AffairsCommittee: +86-24-42890063 (Office), +86-13704149898 (Cell), +86-24-42106999 (Home)Zhu Wenqing (朱文清), chief of 610 Office, deputy director of Benxi City Police Department: +86-24-42803389 (Office), +86-13604149611 (Cell), +86-024-43875297 (Home)
Earlier Article:Mr. Zhao was sentenced to five years in December 2014 for practicing Falun Gong.