(Minghui.org) Because I practice Falun Dafa, I am healthy, full of energy, and enthusiastic, even though I am 72 years old. People call me “Old Iron Man.” I have been doing what I believe a practitioner should do every day.

Prior to practicing Falun Dafa, I was brainwashed and was an atheist. I changed my mind after observing the tremendous changes that practicing Falun Dafa brought to my wife, and started practicing Dafa myself 13 years ago. My wife used to take medicine every day, but she recovered soon after beginning to practice Dafa.

I have experienced many extraordinary things over the past 13 years.

Uninjured after an Accident

One day I went shopping on my electric bicycle. As I was returning home, a motorcycle hit me, and I was thrown across the street. My bicycle was broken. I just sat in the street and realized that I had had an accident.

Right away I thought of asking Master for help and believed that I would be fine. Amazingly I didn't see any injuries when I looked at myself.

A relative happened to pass by. He insisted on taking me to the hospital because of my age. The doctors didn't find anything wrong with me, either. The relative said over and over, “This is incredible!” But I was clear that Master had protected me.

Abscess on My Back Gone in Three Weeks

I felt something sticky on my back one day, and my clothes were even stuck to my back. I asked my wife to look at it for me.

She wiped my back with a paper napkin and said, “Don't worry. You'll be fine as long as you believe in Master. Master is purifying your body for you. I think it is an opportunity for you to improve. I'd suggest you study the Fa more and send forth righteous thought more frequently.”

I remained calm. I burned incense and paid my respects to Master. I also spoke to Master from my heart. Then I went shopping with my wife and forgot about it.

My wife took a photo of my back three days later. I saw that the abscess was as big as an egg and that it was oozing.

My wife told me that the swelling was actually three times bigger three days before. It had been dark purple, but that was fading, too. She was surprised that it was getting better so rapidly.

However, my daughter couldn't fall asleep after she saw it. She phoned me very early the next morning and wanted me to go to a hospital with her. I declined and assured her that I would be all right.

Thanks to Master, I didn't feel any pain, even as it continued to ooze. My sister, also a Dafa practitioner, said that Master was enduring all of it for me. My wife was so touched that she had tears in her eyes.

I had fully recovered in three weeks.

Swollen Face Recovers in Three Days

The right side of my face was swollen one morning. It got worse in the afternoon. It was swollen from my forehead to my jaw. My nose turned purple and grew to be twice its normal size. It looked like something had grown below my right cheek. I couldn't open my right eye, and my entire face turned reddish purple.

I didn't worry about it and went outside after breakfast. But those who knew me were shocked and scared. They asked me what was going on and urged me to go to a hospital. They thought something was seriously wrong. I smiled but didn't say much because I believe in Dafa.

As I expected, the swelling went down considerably the next day. It was gone on the third day.

Final Remarks

I hope everyone wakes up and cherishes the opportunity to learn Dafa to have a good future.