(Minghui.org) Editor's Note: World Falun Dafa Day May 13 this year marks the 23rd anniversary of Falun Dafa's introduction to the public. It is also founder Mr. Li Hongzhi's birthday. This article is one of the submissions to Minghui that celebrate the occasion by showcasing the beauty of Falun Dafa and the power of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Superintendent Jia (alias) of the detention center in my city was recently promoted. The guards think that he is really fortunate to have gotten the upgrade before the age of 30.

But I know the real reason: Mr. Jia was kind to Falun Dafa practitioners and did what he could to help us even in the middle of the brutal persecution.

In my view, his promotion is a real blessing in that he doesn't have to supervise the detention center on the front lines and carry out the persecution policy, plus he has more power to make decisions to help practitioners.

I was locked up in Mr. Jia's detention center in 2003. Prior to that, the domestic security division head ransacked my home and took my 1,100-yuan monthly allowance. My son was 15 years old then, and my daughter was four. My husband worked out of town.

The entire family relied on that 1,100 yuan to make ends meet. I wrote letters to the public security bureau and the Political and Legal Affairs Committee to try to get the money back. What I got was 15 days of illegal detention.

I met Mr. Jia on the fourth day of my detention. I had been on a hunger strike. Mr. Jia asked me what I was in for and why I refused to eat.

I told him that I had lost my monthly allowance and was then detained. My two children were home alone, without food. How could I eat?

I told him that I used to have gallstones, headaches, and stomach problems, and medical bills ate up all my family's financial resources. The only reason I didn't commit suicide was for my children's sake.

Falun Dafa gave me a new lease on life. Practicing it relieved me of my pain and helped me gain a new perspective on life. I knew I should live by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and I became a good person.

I told him that the persecution policy was wrong and that I wouldn't stop practicing Falun Dafa, which was why my home was ransacked in the first place.

He promised me to visit my children at home. The guards told me that I could continue to do the Falun Dafa exercises.

Mr. Jia and another policeman went to my home the next day. My children were starving. They told me later that Mr. Jia was in tears when he saw them. Mr. Jia used his own money to buy instant noodles and hot dogs for my kids. At my release, he got me a taxi to go home.

I was sent to the same detention center the following July. Once Mr. Jia saw me, he said, “We decline to take this person.” He eventually had to take me after being pressured by the domestic security division. But he was kind to me during my 15 days there.

From the perspective of cultivation, I know that superintendent Jia obtained the promotion as a blessing for treating Falun Dafa practitioners kindly. He didn't blindly follow the persecution policy. His kind deeds were rewarded.