(Minghui.org) I used to suffer from many serious ailments, and my life was full of pain and bitterness. My family had to put up with my bad temper caused by the miseries that I suffered every single day. But thanks to Falun Gong, my illnesses were eliminated, as was my grandson’s hearing defect.

Weighed Down by Illness

I was suffering from many physical problems, including inflammation of the gallbladder, inflammation of the shoulder joint, inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the breastbone, arthritis, and neurasthenia. My ovaries and uterus had been removed due to cysts, but the incision and the intestines had become stuck to each other after the surgery, which caused excruciating pain. I was also prone to colds and fever, and since I was on large doses of drugs, drug allergies sometimes caused me to become dazed, and experience visual and auditory hallucinations. I was miserable, in constant pain, and often lashed out at my family in my frustration.

A Miraculous Healing Power

I attended a nine-day Falun Gong lecture seminar, seeking a cure for my ailments. At the time, I had a fever that had lingered for about six months, so I took some pills with me when I went to the classes. Shivering from cold, I listened to Teacher Li Hongzhi with my eyes closed. On the ninth day, I remembered only one sentence: “Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.” Teacher Li answered questions for us, and he also demonstrated a set of Buddha hand gestures.

At that moment, I felt well enough to open my eyes and watch Teacher, and meanwhile, I clearly experienced my body being cleansed. Less than a minute later, I could feel that my entire body had been purified. Sweat soaked through my shirt, but I had never felt so great and comfortable in my entire life. All my illnesses were thus cured, and I have been very healthy ever since.

When Teacher taught us the fourth exercise, I could see sparks in the area of my lower right abdomen, where the incision and intestines were stuck together, followed by snapping sounds. That area no longer hurt afterwards.

Strong energy surrounded me when I did the Falun Gong exercises. I once saw a flaming wheel connecting my arms while I was holding my arms over my head, and a flow of thick and hot red-colored energy field circulating around me until I finished the exercises.

When I did the fourth exercise, the energy penetrated my body, and I could feel wind blowing my hands, but I didn't know where my hands were. The feeling was magical and magnificent.

I was unable to sit in the lotus position at all, with both legs crossed on top of each other. My body tilted to one side if I raised one of my legs, and my knees pointed upward. As soon as the exercise music started, however, I could reach the tranquil state immediately, and my legs no longer hurt.

The exercise music was soothing but powerful; it entered my ears seemingly from a divine land, and then gradually faded away into nothingness. It came and left continuously until it ended.

I saw a big Falun (Law Wheel) spinning very fast towards me, changing in size from large to small until it entered my lower abdomen. Its colors were pure and bright.

Grandson’s Hearing Defect Corrected

My grandson was in the third grade when we found out that he had a hearing problem. His doctors prescribed different medicines, but none of them worked.

I taught my grandson the Falun Gong exercises, and read the teachings with him. After reading only one lecture of Zhuan Falun, and doing the exercises once, his hearing was cured. He told me that it felt as if someone blew wind into his ears, and after that, something dropped out of his ears. He could then hear clearly.

My family has witnessed the miraculous healing power of Falun Gong.