(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa practitioners come from all walks of life. Given our different backgrounds, it may take some of us a long time to find Falun Dafa and realize how precious it is. I would like to share my past experience as a Buddhist, my detours, and how Falun Dafa saved me.

Because of my family, I believed in Buddhism since I was young. After I got a job, I started to recite scriptures every day and tried to help others. I also learned to forbear when encountering conflicts and when my own material interests were at stake. Despite these efforts, as well as doing things like freeing captive animals, my health was poor. I weighed less than 90 pounds and was often ill.

Led Astray

My friends were worried about me. One of them, another Buddhist, said she had found a monk who was very good at curing illnesses. I followed her to the temple, not knowing that it would be the beginning of a recurring nightmare.

As soon as I entered the temple, I felt a force push me from behind and almost knock me down. I knew it was strange, but I still went with my friend to meet the monk. The monk's treatment did not work, and then something seemed to bother me repeatedly at night, which really scared me. This lasted a long time and I did not know what to do. Meanwhile, my health continued to get worse.

Somehow I knew that one day, I would meet a real Master and be saved. Then, in a dream, I saw a muddy pond with all the lotus flowers withered, except for one in the center, white and elegant. I knew that was my hope.

A New Life

On my way to a nearby farmer's market in the summer of 2009, I heard an old lady talking about Falun Dafa. I listened for a while and agreed with her. “That makes sense," I said. "Could you tell more?” The lady smiled and we began to talk. She told me about Falun Dafa, its relationship to the Buddha school, and how it improved mind and body. I was very pleased and asked if she could bring me some books.

We met again a few days later, and this time she gave me a copy of Zhuan Falun. I opened the book and saw bright light emitting from it. I started to read it as soon as I got home. It answered many of my questions and told me many things that I did not know. I was moved to tears, because I knew this was the book I had been looking for.

I knelt down and thanked Master. In my dreams, I saw my internal organs glowing, and I was flying and singing in the sky. All my illnesses disappeared, and I felt full of energy.

I put away all my books on Buddhism and began to tell others about Falun Dafa, just like the other practitioner had done. I wanted to help more people see through the Chinese Communist Party's hate propaganda and benefit from Falun Dafa.