(Minghui.org) Continued from Part 4

One Thought Can Alter Your Future

There once was a talented scholar from Fujian Province named Li Sheng. On his way to Beijing to take a national examination prepared by the emperor, he decided to stay the night in a local town. Upon entering a hotel he chose, the owner approached him and exclaimed, “A deity prophesied that a certain Li Sheng would stay in my hotel and obtain the highest score on the test!”

Naturally, Li Sheng was delighted to hear the good news. However, his thoughts preemptively and uncontrollably blossomed into attachments, “I'm going to be the top scorer! Then, I will be appointed as a high-ranking official. With my new status, I can leave my ugly wife to find a better, more beautiful one!”

After Li's departure the next morning, the hotel owner had another prophetic dream. A deity said, “Li Sheng is an indecent person. He thinks just because he gains societal status he has the right to switch out his wife. He has thus lost his top prize.”

When Li Sheng returned to the hotel on his way home, the hotel owner was quite disappointed to see him again and treated him nastily. Li Sheng felt offended and inquired about the hostility, and thus the hotel owner revealed his second dream.

Li Sheng was shocked and left immediately. He indeed barely passed his examination and never became an official.

One impure thought caused Li Sheng to lose his fortune.