(Minghui.org) The year 1992 marked the beginning of Master Li Hongzhi's introduction of Falun Dafa (also known as Falun Gong) to the public. In the two years that followed, Master Li toured all over China and gave a total of 56 seminars expounding on the principles of Falun Gong.

Master Li came to Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, five times between April 1993 and December 1994, teaching Falun Gong to more than 8,000 attendees from all across the country.

Each seminar usually lasted for seven to ten days, with a two-hour lecture each evening. We who were fortunate enough to attend one or more of Master's Guangzhou seminars would like to share some of our recollections.

First Seminar: April 13-22, 1993

During Master Li's first trip to Guangzhou in April 1993, we were not only impressed by his great personality during and after the lectures, but also witnessed several miracles.

Master During the Lectures

Master always lectured in a dark suit. He only brought a sheet of paper with simple notes. However, his lectures were very systematic and logical. Afterward, he stood among us and patiently answered every question.

About 180 people registered and attended that seminar. Many who did not register were curious and gathered outside of the classroom, trying to listen. Master told them to come in and be seated, with no charge.

Master also reminded a veteran practitioner not to drag her family and relatives to the Falun Gong lectures. He said that cultivation was the most serious and sacred matter, so attendees had to come of their own free will.

Master in Daily Life

After the lectures, we usually ate in the cafeteria of the lecture hall. Oftentimes, Master's daily meal was instant noodles. He only came to the cafeteria from time to time. The cafeteria food was so simple that some practitioners could not stand it, but Master always finished his meals with a smile.

A practitioner brought an omelet to Master during a dinner as a treat, but Master gave it to another practitioner. “We all worked hard,” he said. Although Master himself always had instant noodles or cafeteria food, he took five staff members out to a restaurant once.

When there was no lecture, Master took several practitioners to tour the city. We visited several historical sites, including a 1400-year-old temple.

Miracles During the Lectures

In one of the lectures, Master drew a Falun emblem on the blackboard and asked us what we saw. Some practitioners indeed saw with their celestial eyes that the swastika and taiji emblems inside the Falun were rotating. On the second evening, the whole lecture hall was filled with a fresh, fragrant scent.

On the third evening of the seminar, a paralyzed woman came in wheelchair. Because it was the first time that Master had taught the Fa in Guangzhou, he made an exception after the class to treat this woman to demonstrate the power of Dafa. Many practitioners witnessed what happened.

Master patted her leg more than ten times and asked her to stand up and walk. She didn't dare to, but Master encouraged her to try. Indeed, she stood up and started to walk. The crowd was stunned.

The woman read a long letter on the last day of the seminar to express her gratitude to Master. She said she had spent a great deal of money and taken many medications, hoping to be cured. However, Master cured it without charging a penny or advertising himself. She said Master gave her a second life by giving her the ability to walk again.