(Minghui.org) While a mother and her daughter were having breakfast in a cafe, I explained to them why people should withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party. They agreed to quit, and I handed them a booklet about Falun Dafa.

The mother took the booklet but then noticed that a man nearby was watching us, and returned it to me. I put it in my bag and left.

The man got up without finishing his breakfast and began to follow me. He was talking on his phone as he walked. Two blocks later, I came to a barbershop and went in. The owner asked, “Are you here for a haircut?”

I replied, “No. There is a man following me. Could you hide this bag for me?” He said he could and told me where I could hide. I did as he said and heard the man who had been following me on his phone. “You should come quickly,” he said. “I have not been able to catch her alone.”

I just sat and sent forth righteous thoughts.

A police car soon arrived, and five officers walked into the barbershop. When they asked the owner about me, he said that he had not seen anyone. One of the officers questioned the man who had made the call, and they argued about what happened. They stayed for nearly an hour, arguing and searching.

After they left, the owner said it was safe for me to come out. I was thankful for his assistance, and gave him some booklets about Falun Dafa, which he was happy to accept.

Many times as I have walked around, I have been greeted warmly. These are the people who understand what Falun Dafa is about.