(Minghui.org) Falun Dafa Association Notice – Please help to inform practitioners around the world:

Please remove Master Li’s teachings posted to non-Falun Dafa websites immediately; in other words, besides the Dafa websites Falundafa.org and Minghui.org, all other online media, websites and web pages owned by individuals, groups, or institutions are not permitted to publish or re-post Master Li Hongzhi’s teachings, including the printed and audio-visual materials. If there is such a violation, please remove it completely, especially from non-practitioner websites. Even Zhengjian.org, Guangming.org, Yuanming.net, Zhengwunet.org now use links to connect to Master's teachings on Dafa websites.

No one may republish Master's lecture and scriptures on other websites. In the event that this has taken place, please immediately remove these written or audio materials.

If there is failure to follow this instruction or there is intentional copyright infringement, or if one attempts to find various excuses to disregard this instruction, it is an act of undermining the Fa. One must take the full responsibility should anything wrong occur. Anyone who refuses to remove the content as required will face severe consequences, including falling ill – there will be karmic retribution very quickly.

Many people posted Master Li’s Lectures on websites in mainland China, including blogs, Weibo, and personal calligraphy. They feel that they are clarifying the truth well. Someone posted Master Li’s lecture videos on Youtube and other everyday people’s websites, and totally disregarded Master Li's copyright. Some people even tampered with or cut the content, or changed the context. Some use Master’s scripts in calligraphy and paintings without naming the source, or even sign their own names.

Practitioners can of course quote some of Master’s teachings in their Dafa cultivation experience sharing, but they must name the source (Minghui.org or Falundafa.org). To promote Dafa, people may post links to Master's teachings on Dafa websites with permission. However, Dafa Associations and Dafa websites reserve the right to ask for such links to be removed.

Falun Dafa AssociationFebuary 2, 2015