(Minghui.org) I started practicing Falun Dafa in September of 2011. I would like to share my cultivation progress and my experiences over the past three years.

Discovered Dafa in College

I had been searching for the meaning of life since I was in college. I read many books on psychiatry, philosophy, and theology. None of them offered me a satisfactory answer.

I had been circumventing China's Internet firewall, so I knew that Falun Dafa was good and that it was persecuted in China. Not finding an answer in religion and philosophy, I thought, “Why not take a look at Falun Dafa?”

Once I started reading, I could not stop. I found what I had been searching for!

For the first four months I wasn't aware that there were new scriptures other than Zhuan Falun. Therefore, I wondered why the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was persecuting Falun Dafa.

And I didn't understand the following Fa as it relates to the persecution:

“If you are a true practitioner, our Falun will safeguard you. I am rooted in the universe. If anyone can harm you, he or she would be able to harm me. Put simply, that person would be able to harm this universe.” (Zhuan Falun)

Becoming a Fa-rectification Period Dafa Disciple

In January of 2012 I came across the new scriptures on the Minghui website and read them all in three days. I then realized that the persecution is arranged by the old forces to test Dafa practitioners, to see if they firmly believe in Master, and if they are able to view themselves as true cultivators. If they are genuine and solid Dafa practitioners, then nobody can or dare to persecute them.

I learned that Dafa practitioners at the current time need to do the three things well: study the Fa, clarify the truth and send forth righteous thoughts. I learned that in the near future the Chinese Communist Party will be weeded out as a result of the sin it has committed in slandering and persecuting the Buddha Fa. Those who were deceived and joined its organizations will be held accountable along with it.

This made me anxious and worried since I have so many family members, friends and classmates who are CCP members. Where should I start? I began with my sister, since I had told her about the persecution before I began cultivation. She agreed to quit the CCP as soon as I mentioned it. I thanked Master for this encouragement.

I once saw a high school classmate online and sent him a greeting. We used to share the same desk. He and his girlfriend had opened up a store in Zhangzhou, and they invited me for a visit. I thought when I had a chance I must go and tell them the facts about the persecution.

That very night, my father told me: “I took your grandmother to Zhangzhou today for a doctor's appointment, and I did a lab test while I was there. Can you get me the results tomorrow?” I was amazed, since my father always had good health and almost never needed lab work. Zhangzhou is about one hour away from home. This must have been arranged by Master! I contacted my classmate and left the next day.

We were all delighted to see each other and catch up. I looked for an entry point to share with them the information about the persecution. I asked to borrow a computer and opened my e-mail, and used the software to circumvent the Internet censorship.

Some articles about current events caught their attention. I told them about Falun Dafa and the persecution, and they accepted the truth and immediately withdrew from the CCP online. Two of their business partners did so, as well.

To my surprise, this classmate of mine went on to tell his college classmates and business contacts about how good Dafa is and about the unjust persecution. Many have learned about the persecution from him.

It was just like what Master said:

“Master affirms what Dafa disciples have done. As long as you are doing things out of a wish to validate the Fa and save sentient beings, I will affirm all that you do. And when you go do those things, there will be my Law Bodies or gods there to amplify it and make what you do yet more magnificent and extraordinary, and they will assist you.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2008 New York Conference”)

My classmate and his girlfriend are now blessed with a happy marriage. They have also purchased their very own house in Hangzhou.

Maintaining a Steady Level of Effort

Gradually, my attachment to comfort and leisure surfaced. I would clarify the truth to my colleagues and friends only; I no longer reached out to strangers to create opportunities for them to know the truth. I began to browse the web whenever I had time and watched movies. But I usually felt awful afterwards. I wasted a lot of time.

I knew it was time for me to improve my xinxing and break through to a new level, so I began searching for a project that I could help out with.

I quickly got overwhelmed: if I wanted to clarify the truth through the telephone, I had to purchase calling cards and collect data; if I wanted to make truth-clarification materials, I had to distribute them myself; or if I wanted to clarify the truth face to face, I had no idea how to even begin. What should I do? I wasted a whole month struggling to get started.

I read experience sharing articles on Minghui and searched for solutions. The more I read, the more distressed I became. I even felt a sense of jealousy because other practitioners did the three things so well. I got more upset with myself. I knew very well what to do, but did not move due to all sorts of notions.

The worries and anxiety did not help at all. I realized that I should start with a simple task. I began printing truth-clarification messages on paper bills. I also used my own money to spread the message. Later I began printing informational pamphlets to inform the public about the persecution.

The attachment to fear was very prominent at the beginning. When the fear surfaced, I would tell myself that I was carrying out the most righteous act, and there was nothing I should be afraid of. I would put the materials in a gift bag and start distributing them from the top of the building, and work my way down.

Most apartment buildings are locked; I could only enter those with broken locks. It took me a long time to find a building to enter and distribute materials.

I discovered that many people did not know what Shen Yun was. I used to think it would be very hard to make Shen Yun DVDs. But I soon discovered fellow practitioners' online instructions. Following those steps I made beautiful DVDs and was able to distribute them face to face.

Questions During Cultivation

Many new practitioners like myself may have this question: “What kind of Falun Dafa practitioner am I, which period do I belong to?” “Can I follow Master home after the Fa rectification?”

When I read Master's new lectures, I kept thinking about whether I could return to my realm. What should I do? How much could I accomplish? If all the others consummate and leave, and I am the only one left behind, how awful would that be? The only motivation for me to do the three things at the time was not to be left behind.

And then I read Master's Fa:

“Don’t think about other things. I, your master, will definitely give you the best. (Applause) For whom is the new universe and everything of the future created? Aren’t they created for all lives? Isn’t that right? Parents always want to give their children the best. They especially want to give them a better future. They all have that intention.” (“Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Singapore”)

Master views me as his own child and gives me the best of things! Why should I even care about which period I belong to! Master taught me the meaning of life and purified my body! What am I doing to assist Master?

When Dafa was slandered and Master was attacked, instead of thinking about how to stand up and speak up for Dafa, I only thought about myself and how much I could gain from Dafa. I discovered that I was not even a decent human being.

Now whenever I think about consummation, I ask myself: from now on, if I must lose all of my social connections and physical possessions, is there anything or anyone that I cannot let go of?

In my daily life, do I use all my time on doing the three things well? Can I keep my every thought on the Fa? I believe that it will be my time to return when I am able to answer these questions with a positive and righteous answer.

I truly hope that all Dafa practitioners will reach Consummation.

Please point out any shortcomings with my sharing.