Practitioners from the Orange County region of New York state would like to submit this video greeting to Shifu for the Chinese New Year.

Practitioners from the Inland Northwest, USA, wish respected Master a Happy Chinese New Year!

Practitioners from Serbia wish our respected Master Happy Chinese New Year.

Practitioner in Malaysia: "Wishing the Great Master Li Hongzhi a Very Happy Chinese New Year."

Malayali Practitioners Around the World Wish Master a Very Happy Chinese New Year

Falun Dafa practitioners in Puerto Rico respectfully wish Revered Shifu "Happy Chinese New Year 2015"

All creation resounds with heartfelt exaltationReverberating with boundless gratitude and joyAll witness the Holiest Deeds ever knownThank you, All Merciful Shifu Li Hongzhi.        Falun Dafa Practitioners in Puerto Rico        Wednesday 18 February 2015

A Western Practitioner in Melbourne respectfully wishes Revered Master Li Hongzhi a Happy Chinese New Year

Happy New Year Master Li Hongzhi!
Seasons are like gold,
I learn't to enjoy every change,
With Falun Dafa,
I renew every year,
Falun Dafa Hao!
With the kindest regards to you,
2015 Happy New Year!
A wonderful year I wish to you,
And all that you encompass,
Happy New Year Master Li Hongzhi!

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